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We are now seeking a Director of Planning!  See below for details.
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**We are now seeking a Director of Planning!**  
This is a great career opportunity for the right planning professional to join the Town of Glenville!  For a job description and to apply click here.

Economic Development is defined as the activity of working with people to improve quality of life in the community. To that end the Glenville economic development and planning department implements the community vision for Glenville: Livable, Diverse and On the Rise. In practice, implementation requires balancing the quality of life that makes Glenville unique and that residents value, all while attracting commerce & industry, improving pedestrian accommodations and honoring Glenville's history & culture. To that end, in the development department, staff:

  • Prepare studies and plans.
  • Work with landowners and prospective developers to foster land development opportunities.
  • Apply for and administer grants that implement public improvement projects.

Three separate offices accomplish these tasks. Development focuses on marketing opportunities to attract businesses. Planning enforces the local zoning, and state regulatory requirements during plan review. The planning approval process shapes development to meet the community's vision as described in the completed studies and plans. The Building Department enforces the state and local codes during construction.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lynn Walkuski Executive Secretary I (518) 688-1200 Ext. 7