A Message from the Chief

Message from the Chief

My primary function as the Chief of Police is to manage and oversee the daily operations of the Police Department. This is accomplished by delegating supervision responsibilities to the Lieutenants and the shift Sergeants. The overall operation consists of the Patrol Division, Detective Division, Administrative Division and Dog Control. I report directly to the Town Supervisor and Town Board. One of the many important responsibilities is the creation and submission of a yearly budget. The overall operating budget for the Police Department is $3,367,665.00 annually.

The Police Department has twenty-two (22) sworn members, two (2) civilian members and two (2) part-time members. We are a 24/7 operation. We provide a multitude of special functions, as seen below, that are not normally provided by a City, County or State Police service. Our primary goal is the reduction of crime and traffic collisions by proactively enforcing the NYS Penal Law and the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law. We handle nearly 20,000 calls for service yearly for a town that covers nearly 50 square miles and contains nearly 30,000 residents. We are a community-oriented department. I, along with most of our officers, live where we work. This gives us a special connection to the community. We have friends and acquaintances in the businesses and neighborhoods throughout the town.

I will have served this community for 20 years in February 2017. It has been an honor and a privilege. I strive to continue my career as Chief of Police with the same honor and commitment for many years to come. I know that the men and woman of the Glenville Police Department serve with that same honor and commitment. Our Mission Statement defines who we are and how we serve (the Mission Statement is located on the home page). Please feel free to contact me, the Lieutenants, Sergeants or any member of the department if you have any questions or concerns at 384-0123 x6.

History of Police Service in the Town of Glenville

1821- Town of Glenville legally created and 4 Constables appointed.

1917 - NY State Police created. Troopers on horseback began occasional patrol of the Town from their headquarters in Troy.

1920 - Sheriff's Deputies began occasional patrol of the Town.

1946 - Constables renamed part-time police officers.

1950 - NY State Police opened a patrol station in the Mayfair area.

1951 - Howard E. Pitcher was appointed as the first full-time Glenville Police Officer.

1963 - NY State Police closed the Mayfair patrol station, but continued the occasional patrol of Glenville from their Saratoga station.

1967 - A special committee appointed by the Town Board recommended that a large, full service agency be developed through steady employment of full-time officers, augmented first by part-time personnel.

1968 - Twenty former Deputy Sheriff's were appointed as part-time officers.

1971 - The first two full-time officers from today's force were employed; Jack G. Purdy and Daniel M. Moffett.

1973 - The Town Board met with over 1,000 residents concerned by the lack of police services, high crime rate, and they promised to develop a more effective level of police services.

1976 - After increasing the number of full-time officers to six, William C. Przybylek was employed as the first full-time Chief of Police, along with two more officers.

1978 - As the full-time force grew to fourteen officers, the use of part-time officers was phased out. The first civilian Communications Dispatchers were employed to free officers for on-street duties.

1992 - Jack G. Purdy was appointed as Chief of Police.

1993 - The department instituted the D.A.R.E. program in both school districts.

1993 - The Communications Staff was enlarged to nine dispatchers when the department became part of the County Wide E-911 telephone system and began dispatch services for the Scotia Police Department and eight volunteer fire departments.

2000 - Departmental expansion continued over the years to the point where thirty-six full-time and one part-time personnel are on the payroll.

2005 - Daniel Boyle was appointed as Chief of Police.

2006 - Michael D. Ranalli was appointed as Chief of Police.

2014 - Eleven 911 dispatchers were transferred to the new Schenectady County Unified Communications Center.

2016 - Stephen V. Janik was appointed as Chief of Police.

Summary of Special Local Services Provided:

  • House Check Program - for vacationing residents
  • Special Attention Program - for specific recurring problems reported to police by residents.
  • Bicycle Registration Program - for coordinated bike registration and safety classes at schools, rodeos, etc)
  • Availability of off-duty police officers to police school and community events and keep the peace, with costs borne by the direct users.
  • Modern, centrally located facility for convenient access by residents.
  • Availability of trained officers specifically familiar with only this community on a regular basis, not subject to assignment in other areas.
  • Dog Control Officer assigned to patrol townwide including Village of Scotia.
  • Specialized joint traffic engineering and enforcement programs.
  • Utilize computerized ticket and accident reporting (TRACS).
  • Utilize license plate readers on patrol (LPR).
  • Utilize electronic control devices (TASER).
  • Use electronic capture and submission of fingerprints (LIVESCAN).