Hydrant Flushing 2023


The Glenville Water District’s has begun it’s annual water main flushing program.  We will be flushing between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday weather permitting. Residents might notice a slight discoloration during this program and should be aware this is normal and not harmful.  As a precaution you may want to refrain from doing laundry between these times. Should you notice discoloration in your water, open your lowest faucet until water runs clear.

  • Flushing Locations 4/24/23: Vley Rd area, Barhydt/Wagner area & Route 5 area
  • Flushing Locations 4/25/23: Vley Rd area, Barhydt/Wagner area & Sacandaga Rd area
  • Flushing Locations 5/2/23: Vley Rd area, Ridge Rd, Spring area & Sacandaga Rd area
  • As of May 29, 2023 flushing has been paused due to the increase of water demand and lack of rain.