Swimming Pools

(including inflatables and other quick-set type)

The installation or placement of a swimming pool on your property is something that you have most likely thought about for some time. Swimming pools can now be purchased at most local stores and installed or inflated in a matter of hours. However, the convenience of the purchase does not eliminate or lessen your responsibilities.

Following are a few basic guidelines for swimming pools:

  • Any pool capable of containing more than 24 inches of water is a "swimming pool" and is regulated by the NYS Building Code.  
  • All swimming pools require a permit from the Town of Glenville Building Department prior to installation or placement. This includes inflatable, plastic, quick-set and similar type pools. There are no provisions or exemptions for "temporary" swimming pools in the code.
  • All swimming pools must comply with the NYS Building Code and require a final inspection by the Town of Glenville Building Department prior to use. For additional information see Swimming Pool Requirements & Instructions.