Arrest Press Releases

DaleyDate: January 18, 2015

Re: Felony Arrest- Crim Impersonation 1st, Forgery 2nd degree

On this date, Glenville Police received a complaint that a suspect later identified as Kevin S. Daley identified himself as a DEA Federal Agent to a citizen who was at a local business. Further investigation lead to the arrest of Daley, age 36, of Van Buren Rd, Glenville, New York.

Daley was charged with Criminal Impersonation of a Federal Officer in the First degree and Forgery in the second degree all felonies. Daley did forge a NY State DMV Correction form for a citizen who received an equipment citation. Daley signed the State DMV form representing himself as he was employed as a Federal Agent.

Daley was also found to be in possession of numerous badges.

It is unknown if he had prior contacts with the Public at this time. If anyone has further information to pass on please contact the Glenville Police department at 384-0135 and ask for Detective Justin Bolle.

Daley was processed and committed to Schenectady County Jail in lieu of bail. Daley will reappear in Glenville Town Court on the 20th day of January 2015 at 5:30 pm. The Arresting Officer was Timothy M. Mell


BishopDate: December 3, 2014

Re: Grand Larceny/Unlawful Duplication of Computer Material arrest.

The Glenville Police have arrested the following subject after an investigation located at Complete CATV Communications, 590 Saratoga Road, Glenville N.Y.

Pamela H. Bishop (49) of Taurus Rd. Rotterdam, was charged with one count of Grand Larceny 3rd , one count of Unlawful Duplication of Computer Related Equipment and one count of Theft of Service.

Bishop, while employed as a sales manager for CATV Communications, did divert sales revenue to her own private account by utilization of her employer’s computer equipment and programs.

Bishop is accused of stealing more than forty thousand dollars in sales revenue from CATV Communications over a two month period.

Bishop was arraigned by Town Justice Davenport and released on her own recognizance to reappear at a later date.

Date: August 20, 2014

Re: Burglary Arrests

Glenville Police Detectives arrested the following suspects on Monday August 18, 2014 after a lengthy investigation into several burglaries that occurred on August 12, 2014.

Tyler Lester (20) of Saratoga Springs N.Y. and Cyrus B. Oechler (22) of Saratoga Springs N.Y. were charged with two counts of Burglary in the third degree and two counts of Petit Larceny.

Lester and Oechler are accused of breaking into three commercial businesses in the Saratoga Rd. area. They are alleged to have removed screens and prying open windows from the rear of the businesses. Once inside, they stole money and other merchandise.

The pair is accused of also committing burglaries in the Town of Ballston, Saratoga County and the Town of Broadalbin in Fulton County. Glenville Detective William Marchewka worked closely with representatives of the NYSP and the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department to recover stolen property and assist in their prosecution.

The pair were processed at the Glenville Police Station and arraigned before Town Justice Moran. They were remanded to the Schenectady County Jail without bail. They are scheduled to re-appear on Tuesday, August 26th at 5:30 pm.


Date: August 15, 2014

Re: Residential Burglary Arrests

Glenville Police have arrested the following suspects after they were stopped by patrol officers near the scene of a residential burglary:

Eysiah T. Byrd (16) of Albany Street, Schenectady and Shameil D. McCoy (17) of Kelton Avenue, Schenectady were charged with Burglary in the 2nd Degree, Grand Larceny in the 4th Degree, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Burglar Tools and Petit Larceny.

The pair were arrested after they were seen by patrol officers near the scene of a burglary leaving on bicycles. They were found to be in possession of proceeds taken from two homes on Maple Avenue. Further investigation revealed that one of the bicycles possessed by the suspects was stolen from a residence in Rexford, being handled by the NY State Police.

The suspects were arraigned before Town Justice Davenport. They were remanded to the Schenectady County Jail in lieu of fifty thousand dollars cash bail or one hundred thousand dollars bail bond. They are scheduled to re-appear on August 19, 2014 at 5:30 pm.


MusellaDate: October 24, 2013

Re: Multiple Burglary Arrest

The Glenville Police have arrested the following suspect after an investigation into several burglaries in the northeastern Rt 50 corridor of Glenville.

Laura Musella (34) of Sutherland Drive, Glenville, was charged with multiple counts of Burglary in the second degree and multiple counts of Grand Larceny in the fourth and third degree.

Musella is accused of entering up to nine Glenville residences while the homeowners were away from July 7th, 2013 until October 23rd, 2013, with the majority of the burglaries occurring over the past three weeks. Musella entered the residences by breaking out rear windows or doors and taking property consisting of mostly jewelry and some minor electronic equipment.

This investigation is continuing and further charges may be filed.

Musella is currently in police custody awaiting arraignment.

SawiczDate: October 24, 2013

Re: Criminal Sale of Marihuana Arrest

The Glenville Police have arrested the following suspect after an investigation into the sale of marihuana to a person under the age of eighteen.

Michael R. Sawicz (17) of Magnolia Lane Ballston Lake, was charged with one count of Criminal Sale of Marihuana in the second degree, a class D Felony.

Sawicz is accused of selling 28 grams of marihuana to a fifteen year old male who he knew through high school.

The investigation began when the parent of the fifteen year old discovered the marihuana in her son’s room and contacted Glenville Police.

Sawicz was arraigned in Glenville Town Court and remanded to the Schenectady County Jail in lieu of twenty five hundred dollars cash bail.

ShoemakerDate: September 18, 2012

Subject: Sexual Abuse arrest

Glenville Police Detectives arrested 55 year old Philip A. Shoemaker of Heritage Parkway in Glenville on Tuesday September 18, 2012. Mr. Shoemaker was arrested at his home without incident.

Shoemaker was charged following an investigation into the allegations of unwanted sexual contact that occurred on August 21, 2012 in his residence.

Shoemaker is accused of subjecting another person to sexual contact without the latter’s consent.

Shoemaker was arrested and charged with the misdemeanor charge of Sexual Abuse in the 3rddegree, and the violation charge of Harassment in the 2nd degree. Shoemaker was arraigned before Glenville Judge Brian Mercy and remanded to the Schenectady County Jail in lieu of $1,000.00 cash bail or $5,000.00 bond. Shoemaker is scheduled to reappear on Tuesday October 02, 2012 at 5:30 pm.

August 17, 2012


August 12, 2012


Date: July 18, 2012

Re: Gang Assault and Robbery Arrest

The Glenville Police have arrested the following suspects after an investigation into an alleged assault on a 19 year old male victim:

  • Robert M. Nichols (20) of Saratoga Springs N.Y.
  • Brody J. Gifford (20) of Glenville N.Y.
  • Tony Deloatch (20) of Saratoga Springs N.Y.

The incident occurred on July 8, 2012 at approximately 1:00am. The suspects and the victim were at a gathering in the wooded area behind the Burnt Hills Ballston Lake Schools Administrative building located at 50 Cypress Drive in Glenville. The victim was surrounded by the suspects and then struck in the face with an empty vodka bottle knocking him unconscious. He was then struck in the face with a piece of wood, later described as a two by four. The suspects then allegedly stole the victims backpack and went through his pockets. The victim sustained a fractured jaw, loss of several teeth and lacerations which required 25 stitches.

The suspects were all charged with one count of Gang Assault, a class B Felony, one count of Robbery 1st, a class B Felony and one count of Unlawful Imprisonment 1st, a class E Felony.

Nichols was arraigned in Glenville Town Court and sent to the Schenectady County Jail without bail.

Gifford and Deloatch were arraigned in Glenville Town Court and sent to the Schenectady County Jail on fifty thousand dollars cash bail.

The suspects will all reappear in Glenville Town Court at a later date.


Date: October 18, 2011

Re: Felony drug arrest

Glenville Police Department arrested a David Riley, age 59, of Ralmar Drive, Glenville at 11:00 pm on the 14th day of October 2011 in the Town of Glenville.

Riley struck a utility pole on Hetcheltown Road with his vehicle and then left the scene on foot. Officer Kaiser did locate Riley on Pashley Road and found Riley to be in possession of 25 bags of heroin on his person. He was arrested and also charged with leaving the scene of a property damage accident, driving under the influence of drugs, felony possession of narcotics with intent to sell, felony possession of narcotics. Riley was arraigned in front of Judge Framont and he committed him to Schenectady County Jail in lieu of $3,500.00 bail.

Riley is due back to Town Court on Oct 18th, 2011 at 5:30 pm.


JendrzejczakFrom: Lt Stephen V. Janik
Date: November 04, 2011

Re: Robbery arrest

Glenville Police did respond to a first degree robbery with a suspect that just fled the store. This occurred at the Sunoco-Mart, located at 2901 Amsterdam Rd, in the Town of Glenville. This occurred at approx 12:05 am on July 8, 2011. Glenville Police were assisted by Schenectady City Police K-9 unit, Rotterdam and Scotia Police.

The unknown white male suspect did wait for the store clerk to close and then struck the clerk numerous times in the head with a steel crow bar taking a laptop and US Currency from the clerk. The clerk did suffer a large laceration to his head which required numerous staples and stitches. He also suffered a broken nose and lacerations to his knees. He was hospitalized at Ellis Hospital and then released the next day.

Detective William Marchewka with the assistance of State Parole Officer Rebecca Hotaling did arrest the suspect identified as Vincent Jendrzejczak, age 30, of Cherry Lane, Delmar, NY. After DNA evidence collected at the scene identified the suspect. Jendrzjczak was arraigned in front of Judge Mercy who committed him to Schenectady County Jail, no bail. He is due back for further processing in Glenville court on 11/15/11. Jendrzjczak was charged with Robbery in the first degree, a class B felony, Grand Larceny in the 3rd degree and Assault in the 2nd degree with a dangerous weapon both felonies.

EndresFrom: Lieutenant Stephen V. Janik
Date: December 7, 2011

Re: Felony Arrest of former office manager

Glenville Police Detective Michael Lamb has arrested the following suspect after a lengthy investigation into an alleged larceny from JBS LLC located at 6 Maple Avenue Glenville N.Y.

Suzanne M. Endres (39) of Niskayuna N.Y. was charged with one count of Grand Larceny 3rd, one count of Grand Larceny 4th, one count of Falsifying Business records 1st, and one count of Petit Larceny.

Endres worked as an office manager for JBS since 1995. It is alleged she started stealing monies from the business accounts over the past five years and covered the thefts by altering business records. Endres is accused of stealing approximately $64,000.00.

Endres was arrested and arraigned in Glenville Town Court. She was released to appear at a later date.

BackusFrom: Lieutenant Stephen Janik
Date: 12-06-2011

Re: Failed to register, Sex Offender Felony Arrest

Glenville Police on the above date arrested Paul Backus, age 22, last known address of Huntridge Drive, Clifton Park, NY. Glenville Police along with Saratoga County Probation did discover that Backus failed to change his address and was absent from any contact for over 20 days. Backus was failing to check in with Probation and could not be located. A warrant was issued for his arrest. He was arrested and arraigned in front of Town Justice Paul Davenport and committed back to Saratoga County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail. Backus was charged with a class E felony under the New York State correction’s law sect 168F failing to report address or change of address within 10 days.