Hazard Mitigation Public Education

The Town of Glenville maintains a Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) in collaboration with Schenectady County. Through the HMP Glenville identified potential natural hazards such as flooding, winter storm conditions and freezing temperatures. In forming the plan a group of emergency and town officials set goals for reducing risks and for responding to emergencies. One method of reducing risk is public education. To that end the town engaged students from Union College to develop a series of activities residents can do at home. 

Water Saving Ideas:
Low flow shower heads/toilets -/home/files/low-flow-shower-headstoilets 
Saving Water around the house -/home/files/saving-water-around-house
Reusing Greywater - /home/files/reusing-greywater
Rainwater Harvesting - /home/files/rainwater-harvesting

Flood Mitigation:
Back flow valves - /home/files/backflow-valves
Basement - Wet Floodproofing - /home/files/basement-wet-floodproofing
Hazard Insurance - /home/files/flood-mitigation-hazard-insurance
Home Elevation - /home/files/home-elevations
Debris Control - /home/files/flood-mitigation 
Keeping Drains Clean - /home/files/flood-mitigation-0
Preparing for a flood - /home/files/flood-mitigation-preparing-flood
Dry floodproofing - /home/files/dry-floodproofing
Wet floodproofing - /home/files/wet-floodproofing

Waste Reduction at Home:
E-waste disposal - /home/files/e-waste-disposal
Food Waste - /home/files/minimize-food-waste
Recycle Clothing - /home/files/recycle-clothing
Reusable Bags -  /home/files/reduce-waste-reusable-bags
Reusable Masks - /home/files/reusable-masks
Simple Alternatives - /home/files/simple-alternatives
Single Use Plastic - /home/files/single-use-plastic

Preparing for a Winter Storm:
Winter Weather Prep - Driver Education Courses - /home/files/winter-weather-prep-driver-education-courses
Winter Storm Prep- /home/files/winter-storm-prep
Impact of Winter Storms - /home/files/impact-winter-storms 

Home Safety:
Carbon Monoxide Monitors - /home/files/carbon-monoxide-monitors