Manuals: Design & Landscape

The Town of Glenville Planning Department is pleased to announce the completion of the new Landscape Manual. A companion to the Design Manual, the Landscape Manual was written to supplement the landscaping chapter of the recently revised Zoning Ordinance. These new standards will help integrate the environmental and aesthetic benefits of landscaping into all commercial development in the Town of Glenville.

The Manual includes guidelines for the selection, placement, and installation of landscaping. In addition to the full text of Article 19 of the Zoning Ordinance, the manual features supplemental text and graphics, covering a wide range of topics. It sets minimum standards for the amount of landscaping required on a site, as well as regulations to insure that all landscaping plants will remain healthy and vigorous. It also includes a list of recommended plant material to aid developers, engineers, and architects in the selection of trees and shrubs.