Zoning Regulations

Zoning Regulations create an enforcement mechanism to address concerns documented in the Comprehensive Plan and other studies. Generally speaking, residents participating in the Comprehensive Plan update described preserving Glenville's quality of life as the most important task for the Town. At public meetings, residents identified the acres of parks and bike trails; the rural and suburban neighborhoods; and the unhurried pace as Glenville's greatest assets. As a result, protecting those resources is of utmost importance to the Town. Glenville codified the following zoning regulations to protect quality of life assets. Each are available for review from the drop-down list at left:

  • Zoning Map - delineates areas for permitted uses. 
  • Zoning Code - details the restrictions and requirements for development.
  • Design & Landscape Manual - describes the required landscaping for projects.
  • Design Manual - guides readers in the permitted facade and property features.

Please feel free to contact Economic Development and Planning at (518) 688-1218 with any questions.