Open Space Committee

Mission: To draft an Open Space Plan for review and consideration by the Glenville Town Board. The Plan will identify open space properties considered worthy of preservation, as well as strategies and funding mechanisms to accomplish open space preservation.

Activities: In developing a draft Open Space Plan, the Glenville Open Space Committee will undertake the following tasks:

  • Compile an inventory of existing open spaces, and prepare a map identifying those open spaces.    
  • Develop and distribute a survey to Glenville landowners to gauge public opinion on open space preservation.
  • Develop a scoring system to evaluate and rank open spaces.
  • Prepare a map that identifies and prioritizes open spaces targeted for preservation.
  • Identify strategies and tools for preserving open space.
  • Identify funding mechanisms for the preservation of open space.

Timeframe: It is anticipated that it will take 12 to 18 months to develop a draft Open Space Plan.

Membership: Twenty-eight (28) individuals have expressed an interest in serving on an Open Space Committee (as of this date, 19 of the 28 have reconfirmed their interest in serving on the Committee) In an effort to keep the Committee manageable, membership will consist of a nine-person Steering Committee, with the balance of the membership serving on subcommittees.

The number, composition, and charge of the subcommittees will be determined by the Steering Committee during an early work meeting of the Steering Committee. The subcommittees could be topical in nature (i.e. agricultural resources/preservation, riverfront environment, natural resources, funding options, public outreach) and/or geographic in scope (West Glenville, central Glenville, East Glenville, etc.).

Deliverables to the Town Board: The Committee will deliver a draft Open Space Plan to the Town Board at the completion of their mission. The format of the Plan has yet to be determined, as there are various options available for open space preservation, some being very passive, others being quite aggressive, with a number of options in between. The final “flavor” of the Plan will be determined in large part by public input, and by input from the Town Board, Glenville Environmental Conservation Commission, and Planning and Zoning Commission.

Quarterly Reports: The Steering Committee shall prepare written quarterly reports, not to exceed one page in length, to be distributed to the Town Board at appropriately-timed work session of the Board. The Steering Committee Chairman and/or staff of the Planning Department, shall attend the work sessions to summarize the quarterly report and to answer any questions of the Board.

Resources: Various agencies and publications are available as resources to guide the Town’s Open Space Committee. The following is a partial list of resources:

  • New York Planning Federation (various written materials and a 90 minute presentation by NYPF staff).
  • New York Department of State’s publication “Local Open Space Planning Guide.”
  • Schenectady County Planning Department (SIMS [Schenectady Internet Mapping System] mapping resources, 30+ years of land use data)
  • Capital District Regional Planning Commission (Census data to track population growth and urbanization patterns over the last 50+ years)
  • Town of Glenville Planning and Building Departments to track subdivision development, commercial development, building permits, and water & sewer service extensions over time).
  • Local municipalities who have developed open space plans (Clifton Park, Wilton, Malta – others?), as well as other notable communities in New York State (primarily suburban towns around Rochester)
  • Behan Planning Associates (Capital District consultant who has prepared a number of open space plans, including the above-noted Capital District communities)

1/9/06 (revised)
2/24/06 (revised)
3/14/06 (revised)

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kevin Corcoran Town Planner (518) 688-1200 Ext. 7
Michael S. Burns Planner I (518) 688-1200 Ext. 7

Committee Members

Name Title
Mark Storti Chair (December 31, 2018)
Wendy Carroll Member (December 31, 2018)
Dan Grzybowski Member (December 31. 2018)
Edwin Lucier Member (December 31, 2018)
Jack Osterlitz Member (December 31, 2018)
Hank Stebbins Member (December 31, 2018)
Harry Willis Member (December 31, 2018)
Michael Aragosa Town Council Liaison