Legal Notices / RFPs

The Town of Glenville is currently soliciting bids for:

  1. Yates Mansion Window Project, bids due April 8, 2020 prior to 10am: click here for bid package, click here for the drawings.  
    Work will generally consist of: 

    A) Install windows in accordance with architect drawings;
    B) Remove portion of west wing structure in accordance with architect drawings;
    C) Clean job site of all work-related debris.

  2. Maalwyck Park Improvement Project Phase 2, bids due April 7, 2020 prior to 1pm:
    Click these links for detailed information: Notice to Bidders (Revised), Drawings, Site Plans, Specs, Project Manual.

    **Added 3/25/2020: Sheet E-501 is missing from the Drawings file listed above.  Please download that information here: Sheet E-501
    Work will generally consist of: 
    A) the installation of primary electric service to a new pavilion area with provisions for the future lighting of athletic fields and parking lot; 
    B) installation of sanitary service from NYS Route 5 to the pavilion area;
    C) installation of water service from NYS Route 5 to the pavilion area;
    D) construction of a 40’ x 76’ park pavilion with restrooms and concessions, meeting all required building codes.