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Police Department
Contact TypeContact Information
Chief of Police
Executive Secretary I
Glenville Municipal Center
18 Glenridge Road
Glenville, NY 12302
NON-Emergency (518) 630-0911
(518) 384-0141
Alternate Phone:


RECORDS REQUEST (518) 384-0123 x 6
CONTACT AN OFFICER (518) 384-0137
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The Town of Glenville Police department is dedicated to providing public safety by serving the community with professionalism and integrity, in a manner to instill a sense of pride and respect, both within our department and our community while recognizing the importance of the safety of our members.


May 16, 2014
Notice Regarding the Transfer of the Glenville Police Department Dispatch Center
to the Schenectady County Unified Communications Center (UCC)
Effective 8:00 am on Monday, May 19th, 2014, the Town of Glenville Police Department will no longer have a staffed dispatch center.  Our Public Safety Dispatchers will now be County employees working for the UCC.  While there are many benefits to the new UCC, including possible savings to taxpayers, there will also be significant changes to the manner in which services are provided by the department.
The first important change is for Glenville residents and businesses to change any reference to our non-emergency number from (518) 384-3444 to the new direct UCC non-emergency number of
(518) 630-0911 (Emergencies = 911)
Anyone with an alarm system should notify their alarm company of the change.  The old number will still work but will be eventually phased out. The UCC non-emergency number is to be used only in situations where persons need to report a crime not in progress (in progress dial 911), road or other type of hazard, accident, loose dog or other related complaints, or any other matter that our officers would need to know or file a report on.  For calls regarding records requests, general information specific to our police department, contacting one of our police officers, etc., the appropriate numbers to use would be either (518) 384-0137 or (518) 384-0123.  Both lines will be serviced by an auto-attendant that will guide you to the extension you need.
Effective immediately, we will no longer be issuing personal photo identification cards.  Our child seat safety program will be continued, but will be curtailed since several of our technicians were dispatchers.  
Of particular importance is that Glenville residents, or anyone who needs to contact or request something from our Police Department, should understand that we will no longer have a front desk and, therefore, no one immediately available to assist you.  There will be a phone located in the entrance vestibule that will be serviced by an auto-attendant. If need be, the phone will link with the UCC and an officer will be dispatched to meet with someone needing to file a report. No one should expect, however, that they will be able to come to the department and leave with a copy  of any kind of report.    Many functions will be available through our website:

 Please note that this information ONLY pertains to the Glenville Police Department starting May 19th, 2014.  Other Schenectady County dispatch centers will be moving  to the UCC at a later time.  Further information from those agencies will be forthcoming.



National Drug Take Back Day

Please see the following link for more information.


If you have information that might be helpful in solving a crime
please call us immediately.
If you see it, report it
Phone 518-630-0911
Emergency dial 911