2020 Special Events

The year 2020 is special as Glenville celebrated its 200th birthday on April 14th 2020. To commemorate the occasion Supervisor Christopher Koetzle planned a series of community activities for all age groups: parties, galas, community tree plantings, Saturday talks exploring Glenville's many facets and Town Board meetings held in each neighborhood throughout the year. Unfortunately social distancing in response to COVID-19 created a challenge for hosting community events. Always rising to the current challenge, Supervisor Koetzle responded by developing a series of online opportunities to celebrate Glenville's 200th!

On April 14th Wolf Hollow Brewing Company celebrated the birthdate of our town remotely by toasting the community with Glenville Bicentennial Beer.  The one-of-a-kind beverage can be purchased for takeout or delivery from Wolf Hollow Brewing Company by calling (518)-214-4093 or ordering online from the website at www.wolfhollowbrewing.com. Wolf Hollow is located at 6882 Amsterdam Road in Glenville and is a locally owned, locally operated business.

On April 16th 2020 Supervisor Koetzle developed a 2070 time capsule project for all ages. The theme? describe Glenville today for our progeny who will open the time capsule in 2070. Send your essay, song, poem, letter or artwork to Glenville Town Hall, Attn: Glenville 2070 Project, 18 Glenridge Rd, Glenville, NY 12302 or via email to glenville2020@gmail.com. You can also drop it off at Town Hall. Direct all questions to the email above or call 518.688.1202.

On Friday April 17th Supervisor Koetzle started the first of many Q&As. Designed to ensure residents have access to Town Hall, the weekly sessions take place at 10am and residents can register for the events via links found on FB or the town website: www.townofglenville.org. Call Town Hall directly with any questions or concerns at (518)-688-1202.