Planning and Zoning Commission

Please be advised that Planning Zoning Commission Meetings will take place via webinar for public safety. All meetings remain open to public participation. Register to attend by clicking on the meeting agenda. Feel free to contact Melissa Cherubino at or 518-688-1218 with any questions or concerns.


The Planning and Zoning Commission is arguably the most important Town commission with respect to oversight of land development. The PZC is responsible for the review and approval (or denial) of subdivision applications and site plan review proposals. As such, the PZC can influence how and where residential, commercial, and industrial development occur. The PZC is also responsible for the preparation and upkeep of the Town of Glenville Comprehensive Plan, which is the key policy document relative to development, natural resource preservation, housing, transportation, and many other issues.

The PZC consists of seven members appointed by the Town Board. The terms are for seven years, and are staggered such that one person's term expires each year.

Commission Members

Name Title
Michael Carr Chair (December 31, 2024)
Nicole Brower Dobiesz Member (December 31, 2025)
James Gibney Deputy Chair (December 31, 2020)
Jenny Lippman Member (December 31, 2026)
Patrick Ragucci Member (December 31, 2023)
Kurt Semon Member (December 31, 2022)
Marshall Tanner Member (December 31, 2021)
Jim Martin Town Board Liaison
Courtney Heinel, Esq. Legal Counsel