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Feb. 4, 2009
Water Quality Meeting Notes**February 4, 2009**Niskayuna Town Offices
In Attendance:  Jim Kalohn, Sch’dy Co. Planning; Mike Burns, Town of Glenville; Gene Brosseau, Town of Princetown; Deb Shannon, CDRPC; Kathy Czajkowski, DEC Region 4; Patrick Clear, ECOS; Patrick Carroll, Town of Rotterdam; Joseph Troiano, City of Sch’dy; James Gabriel, Sch’dy Co. DOE; Doug Cole, Scotia Village/McDonald Engr.; Matt Yetto, Town of Niskayuna; Maryde King, SCEAC; John Hawley, SCEAC; Mary Werner, SCEAC; Jeff Edwards, SCEAC; Carol Furman, League of Women Voters; Paula Schaeffer, Sch’dy Co. SWCD.                                                                                                                 

The meeting was called to order at 10:40 am by Jim Kalohn, Chairperson.  Introductions were made.

The January Meeting Notes were reviewed, with one correction, the notes were unanimously accepted.

No changes to report in the Treasury account, per Paula Schaeffer, Treasurer.


Jim K.:  Canal Corp Clean Sweep is scheduled for April 18 & 19, 2009.  Sign up and registration is on March 2, 2009. He had copies available for anyone interested in further information.  February 6, 2009, Mohawk River Basin Program is scheduled. He had copies for anyone interested. He also mentioned the Erosion and Sediment Control Workshop scheduled for February 25, 2009. David Mosher, CPESC and the Schenectady Co. SWCD Programs Coordinator will be the instructor for the course.

Round Table:

Maryde:  Read the NYS Beach Clean-up stats from last year’s shoreline clean-up efforts. Copies were distributed and she noted that New York State was mentioned in the National Bulletin as having 10,000 participants.  

Patrick C.: Rotterdam sent letter to the Town’s contractors reminding them to sign up for the S&E Workshop. He would like the Shoreline Cleanup information from Maryde so he could post the results on the web in time for Earth Day.  NYS Stormwater & Floodplain update is on the web.

Gene: Discussed some issues regarding liquid chlorine and water mixing. They received notice from DEC that the Notice of Violation was sent in error regarding MS4 annual report. He’ll reserve Princetown Hall for the March meeting.

Joe: The “Big N” project on Nott Street is slowly moving along without any major problems on site.

Jim G.: Discussed “Clean Water Needs Survey” from EPA which Schenectady County should keep more up-to-date on, seeing as we are currently under surveyed.  Check the web for information.

Mike B.: Town officials met with DEC to discuss the Lowe’s project on Freeman’s Bridge Road. There is surface water contamination and ways to treat the site are currently being researched. Scotia Sand & Stone mining permit is up for renewal. There is a breach, erosion channel, between the Mohawk and an open quarry which has a potential for contaminating drinking water. The Town and Scotia Sand & Stone are trying to find an acceptable way to remedy the situation.

Mary W.: Distributed SCEAC brochures. Residential Forum on 2/25 on carbon foot printing.

Kathy C.:  A new annual report form is going out which will give municipalities an opportunity to use it and not just comment on it.  Due June 1, 2009.

Patrick C.: “Everyday is Earth Day, Rain or Shine”.  Earth Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 3rd from 9am  to 2pm, partnering with the March of Dimes Walk at Schenectady County Community College.  Our WQCC Kiosk will be on display.  

Jeff E.:  Discussed household hazardous waste issues and water testing for pharmaceutical contamination. A discussion ensued. The Mohawk River Watershed bi-annual report has not been done since 2003. A portion of the Schenectady to Montgomery County border hasn’t been assessed since 1989. Suggested that at the least, that stretch of  property should get on the priority waterbody list (on web for review). He also wondered if our committee needed to do an annual report? Jim K. said that the monthly meeting notes should more than suffice.

Carol F.: March 11 at Niskayuna Town Hall the League of Women Voters will have a meeting on Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative from 7 to 9pm. Will have a flyer for the next meeting.

Matt: Gave updates on water main project out to bid; Rosendale Road work; considering making application for some stimulus funding for water main projects with sewer and garage. Working with GE global research on sanitary sewage treatment facility in an effort to adhere to GE”s “Zero Flow to River” policy.

Jim K.: Storm drain stenciling project needs to get moving along.  The project will be announced during Earth Day ceremonies. Jamie MacFarland emailed him to say that some students from Scotia Glenville High School will help.

The next meeting will be at Princetown Offices, on Wednesday, March 4, 2009 at 10:30am.

This meeting adjourned at noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Paula Schaeffer
Sch’dy Co. SWCD