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Jan. 14, 2009
Water Quality Meeting Notes
January 14, 2009**Glenville Town Offices

In Attendance:  Jim Kalohn, Sch’dy Co. Planning;  Jamie MacFarland, Town of Glenville; Matt Yetto, Town of Niskayuna; Maryde King, SCEAC; Doug Cole, Village of Scotia/McDonald Engr.; Joseph Troiano, City of Sch’dy;  Mike Burns, Town of Glenville; Gene Brosseau, Town of Princetown; Carol Furman, LWV; John Hawley, SCEAC; Al Bromberg, Town of Rotterdam; Deb Shannon, CDRPC; Joe Czaban, PE/LS; Patrick Carroll, Town of Rotterdam; Jim Gabriel, Sch’dy Co. DOE; Paula Schaeffer, Sch’dy Co. SWCD.

The meeting was called to order by Jim Kalohn, Chairperson at 10:40 am. Introductions were made.

The December Meeting Notes (with corrections) were unanimously approved as written.

Paula presented the 2008 Expense Report to the members.  No Treasury activity to report. Members discussed the possibility of towns/municipalities donating a yearly fee to help with expenses and to show support. The fee would assist in obtaining the goals of the committee as set forth in our Mission Statement, which includes stormwater education, water quality services, planning and related water quality activities.

Jim K. read a notice from Dave Mosher regarding an Erosion & Sediment Control Workshop for contractors and developers which will provide the required training for them to comply with the SPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activity. Dave Mosher, CPESC, will be the instructor for this seminar and it will be held on February 25, 2009.  A notice will be sent asap with information and registration regarding this training.

Much discussion ensued regarding the upcoming storm drain stenciling projects. Suggestions on durability, placement, color and type of paint and even placement of signs near the markers to indicate that this is the stream or tributary into which the stormwater flows. The project date should try to make it the most memorable…Earth Day?  Maybe as an Earth Week “kickoff” and have the local newspaper do a story. Maybe in the fall, coincide it with the American Littoral Society’s Stream Clean up weekend. Deb S. recommended we contact the Town of Bethlehem offices to get an idea as to what we’re in for, because they have already done stenciling. The biggest hurdle of such a project is cost and personnel…maybe use volunteers, provide the necessary safety equipment, etc. To be discussed further at the next meeting.

Old/New/Round Table:

Jim K. and Deb S. led a discussion involving the new Annual Report form, Intermunicipal Agreement and grant eligibility, new Stormwater Permit standards. FYI…Jim K. mentioned that DEC’s intent is to conduct an audit in every community over the next year…be prepared.

Deb S.: The “Liquid Assets” video will be delivered to Jim Kalohn; Discussed information regarding a $20 billion federal package for water quality projects – trying to push to use for revolving fund accounts.  There is a form letter which can be sent out.

Gene:  Princetown received a MS4  Notice of Violation for 2008 that no report was filed.  They are exempt, but a report still has to be filed. He will contact DEC for instructions.

Joe C.:  Presented some newspaper articles regarding buffers within the state and how statewide, they have many issues similar to ours.

Maryde:  The Shoreline Cleanup day is 09/19/09……the third Saturday in September.  Keep your calendars open.

Patrick Carroll: DEC audit went well, most issues were clerical. Received new software to track projects.  They are planning to participate in the stenciling and stream sign projects. They have a qualified contractor who will attend the February 25th seminar. Earth Day and Shoreline Cleanup will be on their website.

Jim G.: Annual Conference NYS Stormwater Floodplain Managers Association is scheduled locally for this year. He passed around last’s years flier to show what it involves.

Mike:  Discussed the recently purchased property by Glenville by Droms  and Onderdonk Roads. It will be used as open space (48 acres-32 wetlands-Class I DEC), and noted so far, abundant wildlife including Bluebirds.  It’s a beautiful piece of property.  Still waiting for the proper information required from Tel-Oil and the redevelopment by our drinking water supply.

Doug: Received two grants for the riverfront stabilization project. It will take place this fall through the end of the year. Will extend from the Western Gateway Bridge to the end of Schnowee Ave.  Discussed  a repair project of a big sanitary sewer trunk line leak with waterflow in the Route 50 – Cuthbert Street area.

Matt: Town is awaiting the DOT’s approval of wells…should be by second week of February….four new wells on line.  Water meters throughout the town should be replaced by year’s end.

Future meeting sites:           February 4th @ Niskayuna        March 4th @ Princetown
                                        April & May…tba         June 3rd @ Duanesburg

With no further discussions, this meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Paula A. Schaeffer, Sch’dy Co. SWCD