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September 23, 2013 ZBA Agenda

        PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Zoning Board of Appeals will meet at the Glenville Municipal Center, 18 Glenridge Road, Glenville, NY 12302-4518 on Monday, September 23, 2013 at 7 p.m. to hear all persons interested in the following applications as provided for by the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Glenville.

        Application of Stewarts Shops Corp., PO Box 435, Saratoga Springs, NY  12866 for 5 Sign Variances for 411 Ballston Road, Glenville, NY  12302.  The project includes replacement of the existing pole sign along Ballston Road with a new 80 s/f pole sign (sign 1), and the addition of a new 19 s/f  ground sign along Swaggertown Road (sign 2).  Said property is located in the General Business Zoning District and is identified on tax map 30.1-1-23.   In accordance with the Codes of the Town of Glenville the following sign variances are required:
Sign 1 (pole sign along Ballston Rd)
1)      270-69, E, 1:  Maximum square footage for a pole sign is 75 s/f.  The applicant is proposing a pole sign with 80 s/f of signage space.  Therefore, they are seeking a variance of 5 s/f.
2)      270-70, C, 4:  Clearance for a pole sign shall not be less than 10’.  The applicant proposes a clearance of 4’ 6”.  A variance to decrease this to 7’ 6” was granted by the ZBA in 2006.  Therefore, they are seeking to modify the approval by an additional 3’ for an overall variance of 5’ 6”.
Sign 2 (monument sign along Swaggertown Rd)
3)      270-69, E, 1:  The maximum number of ground and/or pole signs on the property is 1.  The applicant is proposing a second sign on the property.  Therefore they are seeking a variance to allow one additional 19 s/f ground sign along Swaggertown Road.
Overall Signage
4)      270-69, E, 2:  Maximum square footage of all signs on the property shall not exceed 150 s/f.  The applicant proposes a total of 181 s/f of total signage.  Therefore, they are seeking a variance of 31 s/f.

Application of DMPM Property Mgt LLC, 100 Freemans Bridge Road, Glenville NY 12302 for 5 Area Variances for property located at 108 Freemans Bridge Road, Glenville, NY  12302.  The applicant is seeking to develop a currently vacant parcel of land into a 7,000 s/f retail building/development.  Said property is located in the General Business Zoning District and is identified on tax map 30.15-1-14.
        In accordance with the Codes of the Town of Glenville the following variances are being requested to proceed with the Site Plan Review Application.
1)      270-73, C, 4:  A parking lot serving a nonresidential use may not be located any closer than 40 feel to the property line of a single or two family dwelling.  The applicant has proposed a parking lot/spaces 4’ from the property line.  Therefore they are seeking a 36’ variance.
2)      270-7, M:   Where the side or rear lot line of a property in which a commercial use is proposed abuts a property that is either already used for residential or park use or is zoned for residential or park use a minimum 30’ wide buffer is to be maintained.  This buffer is to remain free of building, structures, parking, roadways, dumpsters, etc.  Further, the PZC or the ZBA may require landscaping, fencing, berming and other forms of screening within this buffer area.  The applicant proposes parking spaces, driveways/access aisles 4’ from the rear lot line and a dumpster 23’ from the rear lot line.  Therefore they are seeking a variance of 26’ and 3’ respectively.
3)      270-73. C. 4:  With the exception of entrance and exit driveways, only green space and vegetation will be permitted within the 25’ strip/setback between the parking lot and street right of way.  The applicant proposes a parking/driveway 20’ to the front lot line.  Therefore, they are seeking a 5’ variance.
4)      270-141, C, 2:  Parking lots with 20 or more spaces are to be subdivided by internal landscape islands equally distributed with not less than one island for every 10 parking spaces.  The proposal calls for 27 spaces which require 2 landscape islands.  The applicant has not planned for any landscape islands.  Therefore they are seeking total relief, or a variance of 2 landscape islands.
5)      270-141, B, 1:  All nonresidential uses will retain at least 35% of the property as green space.  The proposal calls for 30% green space.  Therefore, they are seeking a variance of 5% green space.

Continued from the August meeting:

1)      Application of Peter Looker, Amsterdam Road
2)      Application of Garner Builders, Saratoga Road

By Order of the Chairman
Zoning Board of Appeals
Town of Glenville