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January 28, 2013 ZBA Agenda

        PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Zoning Board of Appeals will meet at the Glenville Municipal Center, 18 Glenridge Road, Glenville, NY 12302-4518 on Monday, January 28, 2013 at 7 p.m. to hear all persons interested in the following applications as provided for by the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Glenville.

        Application of SignWorks Neon Corp., 27 Carey Road, Queensbury, NY  12804, on behalf of Panera Bread, 8 Glenridge Road, Glenville, NY  12302 for Three Sign Variances.  Said property is located in the General Business and the Town Center Overlay Zoning Districts and is identified on tax map 22.11-4-15.121
        In accordance with the Codes of the Town of Glenville the following variances are requested:
1)      270-69 (D)(2)(a): For individual stores/businesses within the shopping center, one wall sign not to exceed two square feet per lineal foot of store frontage is permitted.  The applicant is proposing three (3) wall signs for a total of 182 s/f.  The store has 74 feet of store frontage; therefore a maximum of 148 s/f of wall sign is permitted.  Therefore the applicant is seeking a variance to allow for 2 additional wall signs and to exceed the allowable square footage of wall signs by 34 s/f.
2)      270-68 (A): Nor more than two external signs displaying the business name shall be allowed.  The applicant is proposing a total of 5 signs displaying the name Panera Bread.  3 wall signs, 1 parking lot sign and 1 monument sign.  Therefore, the applicant is seeking a variance to allow 3 additional signs displaying the business name.
3)      270-133 (I)(5)(d)(1 & 2):  Signs may not be internally lit.  Raised lettering signs may be backlit.  All other signs shall be externally illuminated.  The applicant is proposing 3 internally illuminated directional signs within the parking lot.  Therefore, the applicant is seeking total relief from this section of the ordinance.

        Application of Olson Sign Co., Inc., 1750 Vley Road, Glenville, NY  12302 on behalf of Holiday at the Atrium, 2 Tryon Avenue, Glenville, NY  12302 for a Sign Variance.  Said property is located in a Multiple Family Zoning District and is identified on tax map 30.-1-36.
        In accordance with the Codes of the Town of Glenville 270-134 (b) (10) a minimum of 10’ from the property line is required for signs.  The applicant has erected a sign 6’ from the property line.  Therefore, a 4 foot setback variance is requested.  

By Order of the Chairman

Zoning Board of Appeals
Town of Glenville