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Town Center Master Plan
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Town Board Adopts Town Center Master Plan
After three years of effort by the Town’s Planning Department and consultants, the Glenville Town Board adopted the Town Center Master Plan on March 17, 2004. Adoption of this plan will set the tone for rehabilitation of existing buildings and properties within the town center, and construction of new retail, service, and recreational features in the town’s commercial core.

The town center is the commercial hub of Glenville, and is bounded by Price Chopper to the north, Fleet Bank to the south, Friendly’s to the west, and the Town’s Municipal Center/Library/History Center to the east.

Glenville’s town center is typical of many suburban “downtowns,” having sprung to life unchecked in the 1950s and 1960s. The symptoms of such growth are a lack of pedestrian amenities, excessive and underused parking lots, chaotic traffic patterns, a proliferation of curb cuts, limited and poorly planned landscaping, and monotonous architecture.

Vacant buildings within the town center add to the decayed appearance of our business district.
The Town Center Master Plan makes a number of recommendations, backed by funding options, to reverse the decay and to bring vitality back to Glenville’s commercial center, and in the process make Glenville distinct. Recommendations are far ranging, covering topics such as traffic control, sidewalk construction, landscaping, sign control, lighting, building form and function, and site marketing.

Successful implementation of the plan will require more than local or state government action. Private sector investment and community support will be vital to the plan’s success. Fortunately, adoption of the Town Center Master Plan provides an advantage to both the public and private sectors by increasing the ability to leverage grants and loans from various funding sources.
Whether it’s a family restaurant, bookstore, retail shop, bakery, history/arts center, town square, multi-use path, or pocket park, Glenville’s town center would benefit from any new development in which people could shop, congregate, or recreate. Also, relatively dense residential development is desirable on the fringes or within a short distance of the town center.