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PZC Minutes Jan 10, 2011
Town of Glenville
Planning and Zoning Commission
Monday, January 10, 2011
Glenville Municipal Center
18 Glenridge Road
Town of Glenville

Present:        Jim Gibney, Joe Tassone, Mark Storti, Michael Carr, Steve Marsh, and Cindy Gotobed

Absent: Tom Bodden

Also Attending: Alan Boulant, Councilman and Town Board Liaison, Kevin Corcoran, Planning Department, Dana Gilgore, Engineering Department, Margaret Huff, Town Attorney, and Chris Flanders, Recording Secretary

1.  Approval of the agenda

Motion:  J. Gibney    Seconded:  J. Tassone
Vote:   Ayes: 6 Noes: 0 Absent: 1        

2.  Approval of the minutes of the December 13, 2010 meeting

Motion:  J. Gibney   Seconded:  S. Marsh
Vote:   Ayes: 6 Noes: 0 Absent: 1        

3.  RD Management, LLC                                      Site Plan Review (Preliminary)  
 202/204 Saratoga Road  
The landowner/applicant is proposing to re-develop the former K-Mart and Grand Union properties and reconfigure three existing parcels into two.  The project involves the demolition of the former K-Mart and Grand Union building (127,740 sq. ft.), followed by construction of a new 134,742 sq. ft. Target store, as well as another 36,000 sq. ft. retail building, in addition to a pad site for a 3,000 sq. ft. “out building.”  Several area variances are being requested of the Zoning Board of Appeals, as well as a waiver from the PZC to exceed the 100,000 sq. ft. building cap mandated by the Town Center Overlay Zoning District regulations.   

Richard Pearson, PE with John Meyer Consulting, Armonk, New York, represented the applicant.  R. Pearson briefly described the project, which involves three properties on a 13-acre parcel.  He indicated key markers on the map to orient the Commission, and then addressed changes made since the original submission of the plan and those resulting from comments gathered at the work session.  

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes
January 10, 2011
Page 2

Item 1 – southern property line buffer increase – R. Pearson said the buildings will be shifted two feet to the north.  This is somewhat complicated due to the post office property line, and Target is requiring a 60’ separation from that property line.  He said the 30’ required setback is exceeded for the buffer adjacent to the existing multi-family parcel; the majority of the buffer is 33’.  There is a slight encroachment on the setback from the single family residence shown of the map which is an existing encroachment.  Instead of a 40’ setback, at its closest, the setback is 33’.

Item 2 – truck deliveries - Per R. Pearson’s letter of December 29, 2010, a commitment to restrict the delivery of goods to the store has been made.  Delivery hours will be between 7 am and 10 pm and will be the ‘drop and go’ policy.  A full trailer is dropped off to be unloaded; an empty trailer is picked up and leaves, resulting in no trucks idling at the rear of the store.

Item 3 – post office boxes not to remain – This is corrected to read that post office boxes will remain.  Despite the existing tight radius, Mr. Pearson will work with Target to either make the lane in front of the drop boxes one way, or perhaps get the Post office to agree to pull the curbing back and rounding off the existing corner.

Item 4 – fire department input – R. Pearson met earlier in the day with the East Glenville fire chief and his staff to discuss site access and hydrant location.  They gave an informal approval and the applicant will send a copy of the plans to them to get an official approval.  The building will have sprinklers, hydrants will be placed around the building, and no more than 250’ run of hose will be utilized.  The fire department approved of this.

Item 5 – phased project question – R. Pearson discussed this with Richard Birdoff who said he does plan to do the entire project all at once, including the outbuilding.  R. Pearson said a tenant for the outbuilding has not yet been named.

Item 6 - stormwater improvements – The stormwater management system is designed to minimize existing flooding on Rte. 50.  There is a reduction of stormwater from existing conditions to future conditions, especially in the more frequent one-year storm event.  R. Pearson said there is a swale and pipes with in state right-of-way, and some higher berm areas which will be excavated to lower the elevation. This will increase capacity of other the other areas.  This bigger basin will have retaining walls on the eastern edge of approximately 5’ high, and will be fenced.

Discussion followed regarding the parking lot.  K-Mart had designed the parking lot to be flooded and a restrictor plate was to be in one of the pipes.  This plate has not been found, and may not be in place at this time.  Target will not allow substantial designed flooding of their parking lots; everything is graded away from the Target building, flowing eventually to the two basins.  R. Pearson stated the analysis shows only minor flooding in a 100-year storm event.

Item 7 – coordinate with DOT regarding site access improvements – R. Pearson stated the applicant will be re-submitting an alternate plan to DOT this week.  A proposal was submitted but DOT requested an alternate plan evaluating the southern driveway.  J. Gibney asked if traffic

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes
January 10, 2011
Page 3

accidents at each driveway location were reviewed in this analysis.  K. Corcoran will ask Tom Melander, Town Traffic Technician, for those numbers.  Discussion of turning lanes, queuing and stacking, and traffic signals and the resulting complications followed.

Item 8 – does Hampton Run have a formal drainage easement through the site – No formal easement was found, but Target will continue to accept the Hampton Run stormwater as it is currently collected and processed.

Item 9 – site lighting – R. Pearson stated a lighting waiver will be requested for the mounting height of the fixtures and the type of lighting fixtures.  He said 18’ lights are shown on the eastern and southern boundaries, near the residential areas. The balance of the parking lot shows 38’ lights.  After some discussion of maintaining Sternberg type lights, K. Corcoran clarified the Town Center lighting regulations.  The Overlay District states the lights must be Sternberg-type throughout the site.  

J. Gibney voiced concerned about light spillage, especially on the neighboring apartments.  After a brief discussion of light shielding, type of mounts, and a dark spot in the truck loading area, R. Pearson agreed to have the photometric plan reviewed again by his consultants.  

R. Pearson continued stating he will work with D. Gilgore and K. Corcoran regarding snow storage which will probably be near the bank; demolition will be completed according to town regulations; bike racks will be installed, and there will be no outdoor storage or seasonal sales.

R. Pearson then addressed comments made by the PZC at the agenda meeting.  

  • NYSDOT prefers 1000’ separation between traffic signals.  Applicant’s engineer is revising traffic study to address driveways on west side of Rte. 50, to examine alternatives to the signal and the location and to demonstrate warrants for the signal.
  • Street trees that were shown on conceptual plan have been removed.  The trees need to be shown on the site plan, spaced 30’ apart, per Town code. R. Pearson said this was an oversight and the street trees will be placed back on the plan.
  • Need to clarify cross-easement for all adjacent properties.  There are cross access easements with adjacent properties, the diner and post office, but none has been found with the Bank of America.  A letter of intent, dated 1971, has been found; the applicant will research this further.  Target is not looking to close that easement off.  It is noted that the First National Bank of Scotia is not directly adjacent but the easement is kept open as it runs with the diner property.
  • Out building is apparently on top of the sewer main.  This will be relocated.
  • Clearance for traffic between USPS property and front of 36,000 square foot building.  This will be discussed and resolved with USPS.
  • New Target building is apparently sitting on top of natural gas easement, need clarification. There is an easement through the K-Mart building shown on the survey, so that easement will probably be dissolved.  This will be worked out with the utility company.

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes
January 10, 2011
Page 4

  • Buffering for east and south sides of the property; needs more clarification.  R. Pearson said a 30’ buffer will be provided on the east side.  The elevation is being taken into consideration and there are cedar plantings four to five feet apart.
  • Truck & trailer traffic circulation.  The plan is to have the trailers enter from Glenridge Road.  The trailers are typically 53 feet in length.  R. Pearson indicated the exit path; Target prefers not to have trucks passing in front of the building.  He said typically one large truck per day will deliver goods from the distribution facility in Amsterdam.  Entrance and exit plans are done with computer simulations for turning axis, using conservative guidelines.  S. Marsh asked if allowing trucks to exit onto Route 50 has been considered and R. Pearson said this has not been discussed with DOT.  Deliveries would be restricted from 7 am to 10 pm.
  • Lighting spillover along all four property lines.  Most concerned along southern and eastern boundaries, where residences are located.  This was discussed earlier.
  • Lighting – Sternberg or equivalent is required; need consistency with all other businesses in Town.  This was previously addressed.
  • Loading dock area has little or no lighting.  This was previously addressed.
  • Cover and grading over existing utilities, needs discussion.  Cuts will be minimized in that area.  The sanitary sewer connection will go front and back on the site, not crossing the road as earlier shown.  It will be reconnected to the existing system.
  • General discussion on landscaping.  A proposed landscaping plan has been provided.  There will be landscaped islands with two trees and some shrubs on each of the islands.  Handicapped parking standards are based on the total number of parking spaces.  There are twelve spaces in front of the store.  There are sixteen cart corrals; eight groupings of two.  M. Carr asked about colors and said they must be muted tones in the Town Center; this includes the light fixtures.  R. Pearson will get back to the Commission on the color red and said the Target building does have a red stripe around it.  J. Gibney reminded the applicant that there is a landscaping manual to be followed which names salt tolerant trees and other hardy plantings.
  • No mention of existing storm water problems in SWPP plan.  This will be corrected.  D. Gilgore said he has met with the applicant to focus on infrastructure and green infrastructure.  He is awaiting the geotech results (test holes) and has discussed additional stormwater practices, based on these results, that could be implemented upstream of the proposed retention basin if necessary.
K. Corcoran noted that internal traffic circulation for a left turn by the 36,000 square foot out building looks like a difficult maneuver, even if only more than one car is stacked.  R. Pearson said this would be looked at further.

Discussion followed regarding the post office use of Target property and the possibility of negotiating to have the post office pull the curbing back on the island which currently holds the mail boxes to increase the maneuverability in that constricted area.

S. Marsh mentioned light spilling over on the post office property.  R. Pearson will discuss that issue with his lighting engineer.
Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes
January 10, 2011
Page 5

M. Carr asked what Target is thinking about the Sternberg lighting requirement, but R. Pearson stated he will not know until he discusses it with the Target representatives.

Discussion followed regarding upcoming hearing dates.  Metroplex has scheduled the SEQR hearing for January 19th.  The timeline is very dependent on issues being addressed in a timely manner.

When asked, R. Pearson said a generator for power outages will be at the rear of the building, and will probably be tested once a week.  He was asked to have the generator fitted with a critical silencer and to find out the size of the generator.  The dumpster will be located in the loading dock area.  The pad dumpster and out building dumpsters will be shown, and once an user is found, the location will be tweaked.

The waivers required were summarized as the 100,000 square foot cap, the front yard setback, and the light fixtures and heights.

D. Gilgore noted there is an easement off Harding Boulevard that extends into the parking lot.  The Town currently encroaches on this easement, and this issue will need to be resolved.

K. Corcoran said the SWPPP material and grading plan was sent to CT Male and he is waiting for a cost estimate for the review.  He suggested holding the public hearing at the preliminary meeting, which is not unusual for a project of this scope.  It was decided to hold the hearing at the meeting for final approval.

D. Gilgore noted that the applicant ‘inherited’ the survey and it has assumed elevations.  This will need to be resolved and he is working with the applicant toward that end.

With no further items on the agenda, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.  The next meeting of the Town of Glenville Planning and Zoning Commission is to be held on Monday, February 14th, 2011.  The agenda meeting will be held on Monday, February 7th, 2011.  

Submitted by Chris Flanders, Stenographer:      Filed with Linda Neals, Town Clerk: