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PZC Agenda May 9, 2016

Planning and Zoning Commission
May 9, 2016
7:00 p.m.

1.  Approval of the minutes of the April 11, 2016 meeting

2.  Peter Ashline                                                               Site Plan Review (Final)
     612 Saratoga Road                                                  Public Hearing

In order to satisfy the Schenectady County Dept. of Engineering & Public Works requirement regarding location of the driveway on Hetcheltown Road, the applicant has opted to use the existing curb cut on Hetcheltown Road, which provides a 100+ foot separation distance from the intersection of Hetcheltown and Route 50.  This necessitated a redesign of the site plan, including the location and size of the proposed restaurant.  The restaurant has been down-sized from 1,900 square feet and 55 seats to 1,420 sq. ft. and 42 seats.  The property is zoned General Business.  

3.  Raymond A. Koch                                                              Minor (4-lot) Subdivision  
     West Glenville Road                                                        (Final) – Public Hearing

This proposal calls for the subdivision of a vacant 40-acre parcel into four residential building lots, with lot sizes ranging from 7.2 acres to 16.9 acres.  The property is located on the south side of West Glenville Road, just west of the West Glenville Road/Wolf Hollow Road intersection. The property is zoned Rural Residential and Agricultural.  

4.  David and Henrietta Veeder                                          Minor (2-lot) Subdivision  
     3575 Touareuna Road                                                        (Final) – Public Hearing

The applicant is requesting to subdivide a 127.3-acre parcel into two lots, consisting of 38.9 and 88.4 acres.  The existing house and barn would be located on the 38.9-acre parcel, while the larger parcel, consisting of a mix of open fields and woodlands, would be considered a new building lot.  The property is located on the west side of Touareuna Road, approximately 1,000 feet north of the Touareuna Road/Potter Road intersection.  The property is zoned Rural Residential and Agricultural.   

5.  Wolf Hollow Brewing Company                                 Site Plan Review
         (Combined Preliminary
        and Final)

Wolf Hollow Brewing is proposing to build a 60’ x 20’ outdoor enclosed patio to the rear (off the northeast corner) of the existing brewery building.  They are also proposing to reconfigure the internal access road and gravel parking lot to the rear.  Lastly, they are requesting rescission of the previous condition of site plan approval that prohibited the outdoor consumption of alcohol on site.  Wolf Hollow Brewery is located in a Highway Commercial zoning district.    

6.  Ronold Woodbeck, III                                                Site Plan Review  
     3 Horstman Drive                                                   (Preliminary – continued
from March)   

The applicant is looking to convert the former doctor’s office into a day care center.  The facility would be connected to both public water and public sewer.  The property is located on the southwest corner of Route 50 and Horstman Drive, and is zoned Professional/Residential.    

7.  Mark Hindes                                                         Minor (3-lot) Subdivision  
     Rosemere Road                                                      (Preliminary)

This application calls for the subdivision of a vacant 51+ acre parcel into three residential building lots consisting of 44.7, 3.5, and 3.2 acres.  The proposal also includes a 373-foot extension of Rosemere Road and extension of the existing water main on Rosemere Road.  The property is located off the western terminus of Rosemere Road, and is zoned Suburban Residential.