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Planning & Zoning Comm Agenda 12/14/2015
Planning and Zoning Commission
December 14, 2015
7:00 p.m.

1.  Approval of the minutes of the November 9, 2015 meeting

2.  Backyard Shed Company, Inc.                                         Site Plan Review
     658 Saratoga Road                                                  (Final) Public Hearing

  This application calls for the establishment of a shed and gazebo retail business on the property   
    formerly occupied by the Creekside Café, which was destroyed by fire in 2014.  This proposal
    includes the establishment of a new building - a carriage house-type structure – that will serve as the
    office.  Sheds that are for sale would be stored outdoors on the property.  As proposed, at a
    minimum, a front yard setback area variance would be required, as well as variances for
    insufficient pavement-free buffers along the front and side yards.  The portion of the property slated
    for this business is zoned “Community Business.”    

3.  Peter Ashline                                                               Site Plan Review
     612 Saratoga Road                                                  (Preliminary)

  This application calls for the construction of a 1,900 sq. ft. sit-down restaurant with seating for 55.    
   A new parking lot with 21 parking spaces is also proposed, as is the installation of a new septic
  system.  This restaurant would be located on the site of the former Poor John’s Restaurant/Tavern.  
   The property is zoned “General Business.”  


4.  Meridian Construction Company of Scotia, Inc.                       Site Plan Review
     92 Saratoga Road                                                   (Preliminary)

  The applicant is seeking to establish a contractor’s office in the existing building located at
   92 Saratoga Road.  The property is located on the east side of Route 50, immediately north of
  the Highland Square senior apartments site.  The property is zoned “Professional/Residential.”

5.  Amedore Group, Inc.                                                 Request for extension
     Glen Oaks – Hillside Drive and Comanche Road                             of subdivision plan
                                                                                filing deadline                                                         
  The Amedore Group is requesting a second extension of the final subdivision plan filing deadline for
  their approved 135-lot subdivision.  This request would extend the filing deadline from January 7,
  2016 to April 6, 2016.    

6.  Amedore Group, Inc.                                                 Request for extension
     Yates Farm Condominium Community – Maple Avenue          of subdivision plan
                                                                                filing deadline                                                         
  The Amedore Group is requesting an additional extension of the final subdivision plan filing
   deadline for their approved 44-unit townhouse project.  Originally approved in May, 2008, this
   project has received several filing extensions, including the latest two-year extension, which expired
   on November 30, 2015.