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Planning & Zoning Commission Agenda 11/9/2015
Planning and Zoning Commission
November 9, 2015
7:00 p.m.

1.  Approval of the minutes of the October 19, 2015 meeting

2.  Jason Berggren for Current Electrical Systems, Inc.         Site Plan Review
     NYS Route 5 and Washout Road                                       (Final) Public Hearing

   The applicant is proposing to establish an electrical contractor office, warehouse and yard for the    
    storage of equipment and materials on a vacant 4.6-acre parcel on the northeast  corner of  
    Amsterdam Road and Washout Road.  The property is zoned “Highway Commercial.”    

3.  Michael Cellini                                                             Modification to Previously-
     2575 Johnson Road and Weatherwax Road                      Approved Site Plan                                                                                              
 The applicant is requesting modification of an approved site plan that was issued on August 10, 2015      
  for a seasonal zip line adventure course.  The proposed amendment would increase the designated area
  for the adventure course from just under an acre to 3.37 acres.                               

4.  Michael Cellini                                                             Minor (2-lot) Subdivision
     2575 Johnson Road and Weatherwax Road                      (Preliminary)                                                           
  The applicant is seeking minor subdivision approval to divide his property into two lots.  One lot
   would consist of 7.7 acres, and it would include the existing single-family home. The second lot
  would consist of 42.2 acres, and it would contain the adventure course.  Both properties are zoned
   “Rural Residential and Agricultural.”   

5.  Backyard Shed Company, Inc.                                 Site Plan Review
     658 Saratoga Road                                                  (Preliminary)

   This application calls for the establishment of a shed and gazebo retail business on the property   
    formerly occupied by the Creekside Café, which was destroyed by fire in 2014.  This proposal
    includes establishment of a new building - a carriage house-type structure – that will serve as the
    office.  Sheds that are for sale would be stored outdoors on the property.  As proposed, at a
    minimum, a front yard setback area variance would be required, as well as variances for pavement-
    free buffers along the front and side yards.  

6.  Freg Ogle                                                           Zoning Map Amendment
     651 Saratoga Road                                                  Recommendation to the
                                                                                Town Board

   The applicant’s 0.35-acre property at 651 Saratoga Road, which is occupied by the former
   Explorer’s Post cabin, is presently split-zoned, with the front 45% being zoned “General Business”
    and the rear 55% being zoned “Land Conservation.”  The cabin is located within the “Land
    Conservation”-zoned portion of the property.  The applicant wishes to have the entire property
   zoned as “General Business” in order to allow commercial use of the cabin.  The “Land Conservation”   
    zoning district boundary is meant to follow the boundaries of the 100-year floodplain.  However,
    recent revisions to the Floodplain Maps resulted in a smaller amount of floodplain on this property.

7.  Homeland Security & Public Safety Consortium                        Informal Site Plan Review
     Barhydt Road                                                               and SEQR Recommendation
                                                                                        to the Town Board

    This proposal involves the opening of a multi-use firearms range facility on Town of Glenville
    property that was formerly used as a municipal landfill.  Approximately 3.5 acres of the 73.4-acre
    site would be dedicated to the firing range.  The property is located north of Barhydt Road and the
    railroad tracks, and east of Wagner Road.  The property is zoned “Rural Residential and