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Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Agenda 10 11 2010
Planning and Zoning Commission
Meeting Agenda
October 11, 2010
7:00 p.m.

1.   Approval of the minutes of the September 13, 2010 meeting

2.  Shaun M. Cole                                                               Minor (2-lot) Subdivision
     218 Droms Road                                                             Final (Public Hearing)
This proposed subdivision would create a 1.12 +/- acre residential building lot from the existing 32 acre parent parcel.  The property is located on the west side of Droms Road, just south of Onderdonk Road.  The property is zoned Suburban Residential.

3.      Thomas Pai                                                              Minor (4-lot) Subdivision
                3 Snake Hill Road                                                      Final (Public Hearing)

This proposal calls for the subdivision of a 14.39-acre parcel into four (4) residential building lots.  This proposal has been reconfigured to eliminate the need for any area variances.  The property is located within a Rural Residential/Agricultural zoning district.

4.      Estate of Laura M. Gower                                                        Minor (3-lot) Subdivision
                58 Bruce Drive                                                                 Final (Public Hearing)

The applicant is seeking to create three (3) lots from the 10.92 +/- acre parent parcel. All lots have access to public water and sanitary sewer. The property is zoned Suburban Residential.

5.      Mildred Gordon                                                                  Use Variance
               603 Saratoga Road                                                       Recommendation to the ZBA

This application involves a 22’ x 22’ addition to an existing single-family home.  The property is located within the General Business zoning district, which does not permit single-family residences.

6.      Town of Glenville                                                               Anderson Property Master Plan
               58 Bruce Drive                                                          SEQRA Recommendation to
                                                                                        the Town Board

The Town of Glenville is preparing a master plan for the recently donated 33-acre Anderson property located at the corner of Van Buren Road and Swaggertown Road.  Features of the proposed plan include hiking trails, a dog park, leaf storage area and off-street parking.  The property is zoned Suburban Residential.