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Planning & Zoning Comm Agenda 8/11/2008
Planning and Zoning Commission
Meeting Agenda
August 11, 2008
7:00 p.m.

1.   Approval of the minutes of the July 14, 2008 meeting

2.  Charlton Suburban Services, Ltd. – Smith Sand Pit                   Conditional Use Permit
     1648 North Road                                                                                    Recommendation to the ZBA
The applicant is seeking a conditional use permit to expand the existing permitted sand and gravel mine from 10 acres to 16.5 acres.  The mine is located in a rural setting, west of North Road and south of Potter Road.  The entrance to the mine is located on the west side of North Road, approximately 1,700 feet north of West Glenville Road.  The parcel is located within a Rural Residential/Agricultural zoning district.  

3.  Michael & Anita Scaccia                                                             Minor (2-lot) Subdivision
     674 Sacandaga Road                                                         (Preliminary)

The applicant is seeking approval for a 2-lot subdivision of the existing 8.9 acre parent parcel. The subdivision will result in the creation of a 6.9 acre lot and a 2 acre lot.  The 6.9 acre lot is being earmarked for a new single-family home. The 2 acre lot will contain the existing house.  The applicant is seeking an area variance on the larger parcel on which the new home would be built, due to insufficient lot width (103’ is being proposed; 200’ is required).  The project site is located on the east side of Sacandaga Road, approximately 4/10 mile south of Snake Hill Road.  The property is zoned Rural Residential/Agricultural.

4.  TJ Development of Glenville, LLC                                                    Site Plan Review
    303 Saratoga Road                                                  (Preliminary)

The applicant is proposing a 14,820 sq. ft. Walgreen’s store and a 2,703 sq. ft. bank on the northwest corner of Saratoga Road (Route 50) and Sheffield Road.  This is the site in which the Nigro Companies previously received approval for a bank and a multi-tenant retail building.     

5.  Greno Industries, Inc.                                                                              Use Variance
    2820 Amsterdam Road                                                                                Recommendation to the ZBA

The applicant has requested a use variance to construct a 9,750 square foot addition to the rear of the existing structure for the purpose of materials storage. The parcel, which is zoned Community Business, is located on the north side of Route 5, just a few hundred feet west of the intersection of Route 5 and Vley Road Extension.

6.  Steve Junquera (Marnon Realty, owner)                                               Use Variance
    567 Sacandaga Road                                                 Recommendation to the ZBA                                               

The applicant has requested a use variance to allow the establishment of a contractor’s yard.  The property in question is located on the west side of Sacandaga Road, approximately 250 south of Ridge Road, adjacent to Stewart’s.  The property also has frontage on Ridge Road, just west of Stewart’s.  The parcel is primarily zoned Suburban Residential, although the western/southwestern portion of the property is zoned Rural Residential/Agricultural.  

7.  Rick Dicresce                                                                       Use Variance
     178 Freemans Bridge Road                                           Recommendation to the ZBA
The applicant is seeking a use variance to open up a used car sales business on property that is currently occupied by Enterpise Rent-A-Car.  This property is located on the east side of Freemans Bridge Road, across from Salisbury Chevrolet.  

8.   Town of Glenville                                                                  Zoning Text Amendments
                                                                                Recommendation to the
                                                                                Town Board
This is a revisit of various proposed zoning text amendments dealing with the following topics:  
1) expiration of site plan approvals (changed proposal from one year to two years); 2) revisions to the “home occupations” provisions; 3) revisions to the “accessory uses and structures” regulations 4) additions and revisions to the “definitions” portion of the ordinance.  The original proposal to permit horses within Suburban Residential zoning districts on parcels of 10+ acres has been dropped.