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Planning & Zoning Agenda 7/9, rev. 7/6
Planning and Zoning Commission
Meeting Agenda
July 9, 2007
7:00 p.m.

*Item #7, Riggi Subdivision, Mohawk Ave. has been removed (Rev. 7/6)

1.     Approval of the minutes of the June 11, 2007 meeting

2.      Colin Development, LLC – Amerada Hess                           Site Plan Review
        123 Freemans Bridge Road                                                (Final – Public Hearing)
The applicant has proposed a Hess Express gasoline station with a convenience store.  The site is located at the intersection of Dutch Meadows Lane and Freemans Bridge Road and presently consists of four parcels which will be consolidated under single ownership. The properties are located within the General Business zoning district.

3.      Bernard Mericle                                                 Minor (2-lot) Subdivision
        Gower Road                                                              (Final – Public Hearing)

This project involves the establishment of a five-acre residential building lot from a 46-acre parent parcel.  The project site is located on the west side of Gower Road, with the parent parcel beginning just north of the railroad tracks, and the new building lot being located approximately 4/10 of a mile north of the railroad.  The project site is located in the Rural Residential and Agricultural zoning district.    

4.      Fogg’s Automotive                                                       Site Plan Review  
        642 Saratoga Road                                                       (Preliminary) and  
                                                                                        Conditional Use Permit

The applicant requests site plan and conditional use permit approval to construct two additions onto his existing auto sales and service building.  A 1,500 sq. ft. addition on the front would include a new car showroom and a 1,200 sq. ft. addition on the rear would be used for storage.  The parcel is located within the General Business zoning district.
5.      McKenna’s Greenhouses                                                   Site Plan Review
        730 Saratoga Road                                                       (Preliminary)

The applicant is requesting site plan approval to erect a 16’ x 48’ “shed” addition on the north side of the Country Acres Pet Supply Store.  The addition will be used to sell plants and flowers.  The parcel is located within a Community Business zoning district.    

6.      Lowe’s Home Centers, Inc.                                               Minor (4-lot) subdivision
        Freemans Bridge Road                                            and site plan review

Lowe’s is proposing to subdivide the 300-acre Piotrowski parcel into four lots.  One of the proposed lots, consisting of 20+ acres, would see the construction of a 171,000 home improvement store.    

7.      Town of Glenville                                                       SEQR Recommendation to
        Woodcrest Drive                                                 the Town Board – Woodcrest
                                                                                        Drive Sewer Extension
This project involves the extension of sewer service to 19 existing homes on Woodcrest Drive.  Prior to the Town Board acting on the petition to extend sewer, a SEQR determination of significance must be made.  

8.      Town of Glenville                                                       SEQR Recommendation to
                                                                                        the Town Board – Illicit
                                                                                        Discharge, Detection and
                                                                                        Elimination Local Law
The Town of Glenville is proposing to adopt a local law prohibiting discharge of pollutants into the municipal storm sewer system. Adoption of this local law is another step toward bringing the Town into compliance with New York State’s required Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Phase II program.