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Meeting Minutes 11/8/2007
Town of Glenville Open Space Committee
 Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2007

Attending Committee members:  Dan Grzybowski, Al Haugen, Ray Koch, Stanley Lee, Mike Sheppeck, Hank Stebbins, Mark Storti, Harry Willis

Also attending:  Peter G. Goutos (Glenville resident), Valerie DiGiandomenico (Town Councilwoman/Liaison), Kevin Corcoran (Planning Department)

·       Chairman Storti called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.  It was noted that the sole purpose of this meeting is to provide feedback to Planning staff on the recently completed draft Open Space Plan.

·       The group suggested that the open space scoring system be more fully explained in the body of the Plan.  As proposed, the scoring system would be included as one of the appendices, with only brief references to the scoring system in the body of the Plan.  It was agreed that a new chapter would be written to address the scoring system.

·       Discussion ensued on the order of the chapters in the draft Open Space Plan.  The Committee recommended re-ordering the chapters and eliminating one of the appendices (ranking of selected properties using the open space scoring system).  The new order is as follows:

Executive Summary
I.      Introduction
II.     An Overview of Glenville
III.    Goals and Objectives
IV.     Open Space Inventory and Mapping
V.      Open Space Scoring System  
VI.     Open Space Preservation Options
VII.    Summary of Public Input
VIII.   Recommended Actions
IX.     Financing Options for Implementation

Appendix A:     Town Board Resolution Establishing the Open Space Committee
Appendix B:     Open Space Questionnaire Results
Appendix C:     Open Space Scoring System
Appendix D:     Public Information Meeting Minutes

·       Mark Storti made note of Don Snell’s written recommendations (Don couldn’t be at today’s meeting).  Kevin indicated that he will incorporate Don’s changes, as appropriate, as well as the recommended changes offered in writing by Larry McArthur and Hank Stebbins.
·       A fair amount of discussion was dedicated to the Executive Summary, which has yet to be written.  It was suggested that the Executive Summary be written emphatically and clearly.  Also, the Executive Summary should be able to stand on its own as a separate document.  

·       The group offered a variety of relatively minor amendments for the various chapters of the draft Plan.  Perhaps the weightiest of these recommendations was that Bonus/Incentive Zoning and Floating Zones be added to the list of Zoning Techniques in the “Open Space Preservation Options” chapter.

·       It was recommended that two maps be added to the draft Plan.  One would be a map showing the “Four Communities” of Glenville, or the “Four Towns Map,” as identified in the 1990 Town of Glenville Comprehensive Plan.  The other map would illustrate the locations of the Town of Glenville wellfield and the Village of Scotia wellfield.

·       Kevin will make the amendments (with Mark’s help on the new wellfields map) and distribute a revised version of the draft Open Space Plan to the Committee members.  It was suggested that the Committee meet at least one more time, following completion of the 2nd draft, with the idea of handing off the final draft to the Town Board by the end of December.

·       There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 11:19 a.m.

Submitted by Kevin Corcoran