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Building Department
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, Deputy Building Inspector
, Code Enforcement Officer
, Code Enforcement Officer
18 Glenridge Road 
Glenville ,NY 12302 
518-688-1200 ext. 8
Building Department Hours
Monday through Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Applications may be submitted and left for our review anytime the town offices are open. We will review your application and contact you when your permit can be obtained. Review times vary but please plan on 10 days for most applications.
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ADMINISTERS AND ENFORCES: Provisions of laws, codes, and ordinances pertaining to the location, design, materials, construction, alteration, repair, equipment, maintenance, use, occupancy, removal, and demolition of structures located within the Town of Glenville.

BUILDING PERMITS: Are required for many building projects, including (but not limited to) new construction, additions, structural changes, signs, decks, fences, finished basements, alterations, conversions, swimming pools, demolition, roofing, siding, and new windows & doors, etc.


Swimming Pools (including inflatables and other quick-set type)

        The installation or placement of a swimming pool on your property is something that you have most likely thought about for some time.  Swimming pools can now be purchased at most local stores and installed or inflated in a matter of hours.  However, the convenience of the purchase does not eliminate or lessen your responsibilities.
Following are a few basic guidelines for swimming pools:
        Any pool capable of containing more than 24 inches of water is a "swimming pool" and is regulated by the NYS Building Code.  
        All swimming pools require a permit from the Town of Glenville Building Department prior to installation or placement.  This includes inflatable, plastic, quick-set and similar type pools.  There are no provisions or exemptions for "temporary" swimming pools in the code.
        All swimming pools must comply with the NYS Building Code and require a final inspection by the Town of Glenville Building Department prior to use.  For additional information click    Swimming Pool Requirements & Instructions

Carbon Monoxide Alarms (Amanda's Law)

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms save lives.

Effective February 22, 2010 carbon monoxide alarms are required in all existing and new single-family homes along with most other buildings that have sleeping units/rooms.  The carbon monoxide alarms are required in addition to smoke alarms as follows:
        Homes constructed prior to 1/1/08 and where no modification has taken place, carbon monoxide alarms are permitted to be battery operated.   The alarm must be located on the lowest story having a sleeping area.
        Homes constructed after 1/1/08  or where modification has taken place the alarms must be hardwired and interconnected.  An alarm is required on each story with a sleeping area; AND on each story where a carbon monoxide source is located (i.e. attached garage, gas fireplace, gas hot water, etc).