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Town Board Meeting Minutes 6/20/2007
JUNE 20, 2007

Present:        Supervisor Frank X. Quinn, Councilmen, Robert E. Bailey, Mark A. Quinn, Edward F. Rosenberg and Councilwoman Valerie M. DiGiandomenico

Absent: None

                Supervisor Quinn called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.  Supervisor Quinn gave the Invocation and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

                Supervisor Quinn asked the Town Clerk, Linda C. Neals, to call the roll.  Everyone was present and accounted.

                Supervisor Quinn – “We have two additions to the agenda, one of which I think you all have, which is about the hiring of summer help for the parks department and the second one is an item about the town hiring its’ auditing firm.  Also at the end of tonight’s meeting we will go into executive session, because we have a proposal from the Police Benevolent Association on the contract that we have been working on for about fifteen months.  It is not expected that we will vote on it tonight.”

Town Council Reports:

                Councilman Rosenberg – “From our Planning and Zoning we have just a few things.  Mr. Mortensen had his site plan review to construct two apartment buildings on Amsterdam Avenue.

                There was a four lot subdivision preliminary approval on the corner of Route 5 and Kramer Avenue located down in the Village.

                A minor subdivision on Gower Road which is to establish a 5 acre building lot from a 46 acre parcel.

                From our Assessor’s Office, as far as the Board of Assessment Review is concerned there was 127 grievances filed this year, 13 of those were in the Village and 114 in the Town, 18 were commercial and half of the commercial were certioraris from last year that aren’t settled.  The rest of the commercials the Board did look at them themselves a little bit different than last year we didn’t have to get any appraisals done on those, at least not yet.

                Our Assessor is going to be attending a training session in mid-July.  It is a budgeted item.”

                Councilman Quinn – “Regarding the Public Safety Committee, NYSTEC submitted a series of recommendations regarding our console replacement.  I will have a more substantive report about that after we have all digested that material.  The good news is that we are moving much closer to an RFP finally in that regard.

                With regard to the DARE Golf Tournament, I am very happy to report that the tournament netted over $5,000.”

                Councilman Bailey – “We had a serious storm last night and as a result of a lightening strike we had a water main break on Sacandaga Road.  The Water Department was out there and patched it but the home owner lost his driveway and we had to refill that.

                The Highway Department has put together their proposed paving schedule for the year.  It’s fairly limited both because the budget that we established for the year plus the impact of continuing rises in the cost of blacktop.

                Here is what we think is revision one of this list, and it may be subject to change do to price increases:

                2 inch overlay on Goldfoot and Dawson Roads; chip sealing, the front side, of Waters Road and Vernon Road; nova chip on Pinewood, Glenwood, Woodhaven Drive, Habel Lane, Acorn Drive, Redwood, Knollwood, Valleywood and Mountainwood Drive.”

                Supervisor Quinn – “The next item on the agenda is a public hearing to consider the proposed local law to be known as the Public Display of Fireworks Law for the Town of Glenville.

                The following people exercised the Privilege of the Floor:

                Tom Monteparo, co-owner of Riverstone Manor – “This all became an issue because of the fireworks at Riverstone Manor.  The impression out there that we hear that fireworks are going on all of the time at Riverstone, last year we had seven firework shows.  This year we have had one to date, we have more planned I don’t know what the exact numbers are but all of our shows are done by licensed pyrotechnics.  We are conscious of what we do and when we do it and that is to say we have a unique piece of property which most people may or may not know about.  It is large, it is placed well and it is very safe to have firework shows there both large and small.  All of the shows that we have we try to have them concluded between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm, I believe the noise ordinance is 11:00 pm, but 10:00 pm is our limit for both fireworks and outdoor entertainment.”

                No one else wished to speak; Supervisor Quinn closed the public hearing at 7:43 pm.

                Supervisor Quinn opened the public hearing at 7:46 pm.

                Colonel German, Wing Commander, Schenectady Air Base – “I just wanted to come before the Board and say thank you for the support that we have received from the local community for the past two years and more importantly during the last few months.  Back in March, I went on a local TV Station to talk about the upcoming deployment of our C130’s going over to the desert and I know it is going to cause some pain to local folks about noise ordinances and things but we have been doing our training with the C130’s, our crews are combat ready and ready to go off to where it is that they are going to go.  The first airplanes are going to be leaving in the beginning of July and the next group will be leaving the beginning of August.

                We continue and will continue to fly here locally a little bit later at night than we have in the past and that should end by about the middle of August and back to a normal schedule.  We have an increase in the number of flights that we have flown, we have flown a little bit later at night and a little bit lower and a little bit faster and in a little bit different areas than you are used to seeing them but as I said on TV the last time we are doing everything by the FAA regulations and by the regulations that govern our liability.  We have some of the most technically expert crews flying out here at the air base; they do a great job at what it is they do.

                Believe it our not we have had a lot of very positive comments come through our office at the base thanking us for rattling their dishes and their windows and things.

                I want to thank you and thank you for the time of coming here in addition to the folks leaving for the desert, this week we have three airplanes and crews with people up in Greenland with a smooth report.  There have been reports in the Times Union and USA Today and there is a group up there filming with Dan Rather doing a TV show on what goes on at the summit ice cap.

                We continue to get a lot of press for our Antarctic Mission and there is press out there for what we are currently doing and in addition to all of that we have forty folks that are working for the Governor directly down towards NYC.  Since 9-11 there have been three hundred guardsmen on state active duty on any given day doing security on our mass transit in NYC, on our nuclear plants and different strategic points of interest here in NYS.

                We like being your neighbors, we like being able to come out and at least tell our story.  I am here to answer what ever questions that I can and at the same time one of the things I wanted to get out there was the economic impact that we do bring to the local community.  In our last study done in 2003, the money that we bring into the community is about one hundred million dollars and we appreciate being able to do that and that is why we appreciate your support here.”

                No one else wished to speak; Supervisor Quinn closed the public hearing at 7:50 pm.

Supervisor’s Comments:

                Supervisor Quinn shared the following information:

                Memorial Day Parade participation

                June 5th – Glencliff School ground breaking

                June 6th – Clough Harbor meeting to discuss some of the things that they are involved in.

                June 7th – Meeting at the Metroplex Offices – concern with the old IDA contracts that set up PILOTS (payment in lieu of taxes) arrangements.  The assessments that we have for the properties in the industrial park on Route 5 were much, much higher than what the IDA was doing.  The IDA staffing of that agency is now done by Metroplex so people run these agencies together.  The PILOTS that they have are just amazing; in some cases they are give-a-ways.  The assessments were so low the terms and conditions of what the PILOT was and how much they are paying and are they locked into 5, 10, 15 or 20 years and so forth.

                We went over all of that and the bottom line is that they agree with us that these things are out of line but they also are contracts.  We have got to wait until some of these contracts start expiring in ’09, ’10 or ’12.  Not only the town is losing money on these PILOTs but so is the County and so are the School Districts because they are set so low.  

                June 7th – I am a voting member of the Capital District Transportation Committee and so I am one of two people who represent the Villages and the Towns in the Capital District.  This is State funds for roads and so they had a regularly scheduled quarterly meeting and I was there and I was also pushing for the Glenridge Road Project and is it alive, is it well, is it still funded, is there anything changing and the answer is yes it is alive, yes it is being funded and it is moving along.  Over the years this road and more importantly for those of you who don’t know, the two underpasses for the railroad tracks have been on the books, off the books, on the books, off the books, for a dozen years.  I think we own the record for having the only single lane bridge underpass in Schenectady County.

                June 8th & 9th – I participated in an activity that the crews were doing as part of the Schenectady Military Affairs Council along with the past Supervisor and so they had a flight out to Dayton to an air base.  They do medical activities on the way out and on the way back and I was part and parcel of that.

                June 12th – Schenectady County Legislature Meeting – I was one of the speakers, there were about two dozen speakers, pro and con on this proposed legislation about what do we do about sex offenders in Schenectady County.

                They had a public hearing but they scheduled the vote the same night as the public hearing, which was interesting.  This was the residency requirements that you may have been reading about in the newspaper.  The idea is levels one, two and three sex offenders on the proposed legislation cannot live within two thousand feet of schools, youth centers, daycare centers, parks etc.

                Prior to this meeting we found out about what was in the proposed legislation about two or three days earlier.  The five town supervisors, Princetown, Duanesburg, Niskayuna, Rotterdam and Glenville got our heads together and said; did anybody talk to you?; no; did you get any information from the County?; no; the net effect of this proposed legislation is to move the known sex offenders that are listed on the registry, allegedly 200 plus people, out of the City and into the Towns.  The simple statement was – oh, don’t worry they will only move to a rural place.

                I was elected to be the spokesperson, so we pointed out a whole bunch of things to them.  I will just summarize the main points for the people present:

                The five town supervisors are unanimous that this is bad legislation, this doesn’t deal with sex offenders it just moves them.  There was no collaboration and coordination prior to it with any of the towns and it is really not managing sex offender issues.  We laid out ten items of why this was poor legislation.  At the same time we said we have eight questions of what; there’s no data, there’s no facts; there’s no research; there’s nothing observable, measurable that we could put our hands on and they wouldn’t offer us anything of why this is even necessary.

                Sex offenders is an important issue, nobody’s denying that but what’s going on and what are you really talking about, where is the data that things aren’t working in Schenectady County. etc, etc.  So we said given that you have provided no information or data to the five towns or anybody else as far as we know and you are going to be doing this, this is not the time to pass this legislation.  It should be tabled until the stake holders, the district attorney should have a say in this, the police chiefs should have a say in this, the probation and parole officers should have a say in this.  Think what it is doing to real estate property values wherever people currently are or where they are going to go in the future.

                I asked our Town Planner, Kevin Corcoran to take the information that we know, where are the schools, where are the licensed daycare centers, and plot them with two thousand feet around them.  (The Supervisor displayed the map prepared by the Planning Department and invited the audience to view it after the meeting).

                What the legislation is doing is steering people to places in the town, the same is true in Rotterdam, Princetown, Duanesburg, Niskayuna has very little properties that can tolerate or accept sex offenders with this new legislation.

                We presented all of that and they have data that says “oh no” you’re all wrong.  Why didn’t they give us facts and figures before they went ahead with this legislation and so it went around and around.  The bottom line is this half the people that spoke were against this legislation or certainly for tabling it.  Other states that have had residency requirements, 2,000 feet; 2,500 feet, have rescinded them because all it does is drive sex offenders underground and make it harder for everybody to keep track of people and it doesn’t necessarily help what you are trying to manage here is these people are following the letter of the law and not creating any other kinds of defenses.  There was all kind of data presented that night for and against it.  It is a very emotional issue as you can tell.

                From our district that represents Glenville and Niskayuna, Councilwoman Savage who’s the Chair and Councilman Gordon and Councilman Farley all voted for this legislation after we pointed out that they were steering people to the Town of Glenville.  Councilman Eidens voted against it and if you followed it in the newspaper three people voted against it and ten people voted for it.  Councilman Jim Buhrmaster wasn’t in attendance at the meeting.

                What we had was a landside vote here based on no research, no data, no specifics and no consultation.  So it is now law!

                June 14th – We participated in a meeting for the Route 5 Industrial Park public hearing down at the Senior Center on Worden Road.

                June 19th – The Schenectady County Intergovernmental Work Group, this is the Mayor of the City, the five Town Supervisors and two of the Council members from Schenectady Legislature and the County Manager.  The two members from the Schenectady Legislature chair this meeting – Councilman Ed Koisur, the sponsor of this legislation and Councilman Jim Buhrmaster.  They had an agenda and one…this is how we are suppose to communicate and corporate and collaborate and this is the official group that does this on a regular basis.  Well the five Town Supervisors said that we are not dealing with your agenda until you address the questions that we gave you and explain just what the hell does collaboration and communication mean.  Does the County set the agenda, do what it wants and ask us for just comments or is there really going to be collaboration, communication certainly about this kind of stuff, certainly about things like this that would have this kind of impact.  We refused to deal with their agenda.  One of the items they were hot to get passed through there and get the comments so they could move it forward was on the famous study of central dispatch, which has been studied to death for about fifteen years.  We said no, answer the mail, tell us what you mean by collaboration and communication, answer the nine or ten questions that we presented the other night and then we will talk to you.

                June 20th – Department of Transportation and the Clough, Harbor staff, Councilwoman DiGiandomenico, Tony Germano, James MacFarland, Highway Superintendent on the status of Glenridge Road and the underpass issue.  We got input and we shared thoughts and ideas, we discussed options about the road, the round-about, the park, drainage, utilities all of the usual things.  They had made some modifications from the last time, any of you and all of you had seen this, there was nothing dramatically different.  There were modifications and accommodations from what they had got from the public input as well as our concerns.  The plan is a go.  They said if everything continues like it is they plan to be in the ground for the construction year of ’09.  That means this will widen out the two underpasses so you will have two lanes of traffic, straightens out some curves and it ends up with a round-a-bout at Maple Avenue and Glenridge Road.

                June 25th – Follow up meeting with the Delaware Engineering Group just to share final thoughts and ideas.

                They have been notified that we are not going to proceed with this project as such, but they have some thoughts and ideas that they want to share with us.

                June – 26th – Schenectady County Intergovernmental Work Group

                June 28th – Meeting with GSA folks down on the property in the Industrial Park regarding what can or can’t be done on the release of those properties.  We are going to go over the pros and cons of any of this turnover.  This thing has been going on for six years; we are trying to finally get down to the punch line.  There is one serious piece of DEC related study that we are still waiting on, on the soil conditions at the site.  It is going to either be more or less desirable.

                I will be out of the country from the 3rd to the 20th of July.”

                Supervisor Quinn moved ahead with the agenda items


Moved by:       Councilman Rosenberg
Seconded by:    Councilman Bailey

                WHEREAS, the Town of Glenville is proposing a number of revisions to the Town of Glenville Zoning Ordinance, the Subdivision of Land Law, and adoption of a new local law entitled “Erosion, Sedimentation Control and Stormwater Management Local Law”; and

                WHEREAS, the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Local Law amendments, as well as the adoption of the “Erosion, Sedimentation Control and Stormwater Management Local Law” all constitute “Unlisted Actions” in accordance with 6 NYCRR Part 617 (State Environmental Quality Review Act {SEQRA}); and

                WHEREAS, the Glenville Town Board has assumed SEQRA Lead Agency for this action; and

                WHEREAS, both the Glenville Environmental Conservation Commission and the Planning & Zoning Commission have recommended that the Town Board find no significant adverse environmental impact associated with these proposed zoning amendments, and that the Board issue a SEQRA “Negative Declaration;”

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Glenville Town Board hereby determines that the above proposed amendments to the Town of Glenville Zoning Ordinance, and Subdivision Local Law, and the adoption of the “Erosion, Sedimentation Control and Stormwater Management Local Law” will not result in a significant adverse environmental impact; and

                BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Glenville Town Board hereby issues a SEQRA “Negative Declaration” (attached) for this application, based on the following findings:

·       This series of actions involves minor text amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision of Land Local Law and the adoption of a new “Erosion, Sedimentation Control and Stormwater Management Local Law.” These actions will not result in any physical alteration to the environment.
·       This action will not adversely impact air quality, ground water, surface water, or any other natural resource.
·       This action will not create a material conflict with the Town of Glenville Comprehensive Plan or Zoning Ordinance.  On the contrary, this action improves the Town’s ability to ensure Best Management Practices are incorporated into land development projects.
·       This action will not impair any important historical, archeological, architectural, or aesthetic resources.

Ayes:   Councilmen Rosenberg, Quinn, Bailey, Councilwoman DiGiandomenico and Supervisor Quinn
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None

Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilman Rosenberg
Seconded by:    Councilman Quinn

                WHEREAS, this Local Law No. 4 of 2007 has been introduced; and

                WHEREAS, public hearing has been duly held thereon,

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board of the Town of Glenville adopt Local Law No. 4 of 2007, a Local Law to amend the Code of the Town of Glenville, Chapter 242, Subdivision of Land and Chapter 270, “Zoning” Stormwater Management and Erosion Control.

Ayes:   Councilmen Rosenberg, Quinn, Bailey, Councilwoman DiGiandomenico and Supervisor Quinn
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None

Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilman Bailey
Seconded by:    Councilwoman DiGiandomenico

        The meeting was duly called to order by the Supervisor.

        One of the purposes of the meeting was to take action in connection with the filing of the Petition for a proposed EXTENSION to SEWER DISTRICT NO. 9, as set forth in said Petition for the construction of a sewer system in said District, together with the necessary costs and expenses at a cost to be paid by the petitioner.

        The petition, map and plan are filed with the Town Clerk and have been presented to the Board.  The Petition is accompanied by a Certificate from the Assessor to the effect that it has been signed by owners of taxable real property situated in the proposed Extension and that they own in the aggregate at least one-half of the assessed valuation of all the taxable real property of the said proposed Extension as shown upon the latest completed Assessment Roll of the Town of Glenville.  Said Petition also contains the signatures of resident owners owning taxable real property aggregating at least one-half of the assessed valuation of all the taxable real property of the proposed Extension owned by the resident owners according to the latest completed Assessment Roll of the Town of Glenville.

        WHEREAS, a petition, map and plan have been duly filed with the Town Board in connection with the proposed establishment of a proposed Extension to Sewer District No. 9, and to include the following described real property bounded and described in a parcel as set forth in an attachment hereto and made a part hereof known and designated “Sanitary Sewer District Extension at Shady Lane Apartments”, being Exhibit "A", and

        WHEREAS, said petition, map and plan call for the construction of a sewer system therein as shown on said map and plan, together with all necessary work, including legal and engineering expenses and such other lawful disbursements in connection therewith, at a total cost to be paid by the petitioner, and

        WHEREAS, it becomes necessary to conduct a public hearing in connection therewith,

        NOW THEREFORE, the Town Board of the Town of Glenville hereby gives notice that this Board will meet on the 18th day of July 2007, at 7:30 o'clock, P.M., at the Glenville Municipal Center, 18 Glenridge Road, in said Town for the purpose of considering said petition and the relief asked for.

        All persons interested in the subject matter are hereby notified that they will be given ample opportunity to be heard either in favor of the said proposed established Extension and the construction of the improvement therein at a cost to be paid for by the petitioner.

        IT IS FURTHER,

        ORDERED, that a copy of this Order, certified by the Town Clerk, be published once in the DAILY GAZETTE, the first publication to be not less than ten (10) days, nor more than twenty (20) days before the date set for the said hearing; and that the Town Clerk shall also cause a certified copy thereof to be posted on the signboard of the Town, maintained pursuant to Subdivision 6 of Section 30 of the Town Law, not less than ten (10) nor more than twenty (20) days before the day designated for the hearing as aforesaid.

Ayes:   Councilmen Rosenberg, Quinn, Bailey, Councilwoman DiGiandomenico and Supervisor Quinn
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None

Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilman Bailey
Seconded by:    Councilman Quinn

                WHEREAS, the Water and Sewer User Fee Roll of the Town of Glenville has been approved for collection as of June 1, 2007; and

                WHEREAS, such warrant for Water District #11 totals $1,497,798.32 including water rents receivables and Special Contracts and Sewer totals $278,705.75,

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town Board of the Town of Glenville hereby accepts such roll.

Ayes:   Councilmen Rosenberg, Quinn, Bailey, Councilwoman DiGiandomenico and Supervisor Quinn
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None

Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilwoman DiGiandomenico
Seconded by:    Councilman Rosenberg

                BE IT RESOLVED that the Monthly Departmental Reports for May 2007 as received from the following:

                Assessor Department
                Building Department
                Dog Control
                Human Services
                Highway Department
                Justice Department
                Planning Department
                Section 8 Housing Payments
                Town Clerk's Office

be, and they hereby are accepted, approved for payment and ordered placed on file.

Ayes:   Councilmen Rosenberg, Quinn, Bailey, Councilwoman DiGiandomenico and Supervisor Quinn
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None

Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilwoman DiGiandomenico
Seconded by:    Councilman Rosenberg

                BE IT RESOLVED, that the minutes of the regular meeting held on May 16, 2007 and the special meeting held on June 13, 2007 be and they hereby are approved and accepted as entered.

Ayes:   Councilmen Rosenberg, Quinn, Bailey, Councilwoman DiGiandomenico and Supervisor Quinn
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None

Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilman Quinn
Seconded by:    Councilman Bailey

                WHEREAS, due to the impending resignation of Matthew Holub there will be a vacancy in the position of Park Security Worker;
                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Director of Human Services is hereby authorized to solicit applications for said position, and, upon the approval of the Town Supervisor and Town Administrator, appoint a Park Security Worker for a period ending September 30, 2007, at the budgeted rate of $8.00/hour with no benefits.

Ayes:   Councilmen Rosenberg, Quinn, Bailey, Councilwoman DiGiandomenico and Supervisor Quinn
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None

Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilman Rosenberg
Seconded by:    Councilman Bailey

                WHEREAS, over the past several years, the Town of Glenville has hired a certified public accounting firm to complete Audits of the Town's Financial Statements, and

                WHEREAS, this audit is conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, the standards for financial audits contained in Government Auditing Standards; and

                WHEREAS, three bids ranging from $14,895 to $22,000 were received from a request for quotes sent out to CPA firms in the region; and

                WHEREAS, the UHY LLP Certified Public Accountants (an independent Member of Urbach Hacker Young International) bid of $22,000 represented the most experienced bidder with over 35 years of experience,

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town Board of the Town of Glenville hereby authorizes the Supervisor to enter into an agreement with UHY LLP Certified Public Accountants, 66 State Street, Albany, New York, 12207-2595, to provide the audit of the Town's general purpose financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2006, in the form of the N.Y. State Comptrollers’ Annual update document; and

                BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the fees for these services will be based on the actual time spent at their standard hourly rates; and

                BE IT STILL FURTHER RESOLVED that the fees for this service shall be Fourteen Thousand Dollars ($14,000.00), based on preliminary estimates by prior auditors plus the additional amount of One Thousand Five Hundred and Forty Dollars ($1,540.00) for auditing Section 8 Housing, totaling an amount not to exceed Twenty Two Thousand Dollars ($22,000.00), to be taken from budgeted account 01.00.1320.4500 except for Three Thousand One Hundred and Sixty Dollars ($3,160.00) for auditing the Highway Fund-Part Town to be taken from account 04.00.5140.4000; Eight Hundred Eighty Dollars ($880.00) for auditing the Water Funds to be taken from account 50.11.8310.4500; Eight Hundred Eighty Dollars ($880.00) for auditing the Sewer Funds to be taken from account 40.09.8130.4500 and One Thousand Five Hundred and Forty Dollars ($1,540.00) for auditing the Sewer Capital Project Fund to be taken from account 40.09.8130.4500.

Ayes:   Councilmen Rosenberg, Quinn, Bailey, Councilwoman DiGiandomenico and Supervisor Quinn
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None
Motion Carried

Administrator’s Report:

--The Town received several resumes for the Engineering Aide position, which are being reviewed.  Candidate interviews will be held shortly.    

--One of our Park Security Workers (Matthew Holub) will resign shortly to accept a more permanent position in the private sector.  Jamie will request Board approval to re-fill this position.   

--Accompanied the Supervisor to the Schenectady County/City/Town Intergovernmental Workgroup Meeting.  Agenda items included: County Central Dispatch proposed feasibility study; shared services (Animal Control Officer, Employee Safety, Employee Assistance Program); Fiscal Workgroup Update; and, Workers Comp Study.  The group decided to waive the agenda to discuss the process employed by the County with staff preparation work that was performed in support of the Sexual Predator Law that recently passed.  Town members on this Committee expressed concern that Towns were not consulted prior to a vote on this law.  In the spirit of intergovernmental cooperation, the County will supply the members of the committee with detailed planning and statistical information that was prepared to support passed of this law later this week.  The committee agreed to meet next week to discuss the planned agenda items.
--Members of the Town met with representatives of Metroplex and the County IDA to discuss the status of existing Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTs) contracts for properties within Glenville.  Attached is a spreadsheet that was prepared for this meeting and indicates the status of current PILOTs.  The County advises when existing PILOT contracts terminate, there is no expectation to renew such.  They further indicated that any new PILOTs being considered by the County will be coordinated with the Town before any agreement is reached.  They also indicated that the use of the Empire Zone will be prioritized for any new incentives that may be necessary to attract and keep business in Glenville.  Four of the 6 active PILOTs will expire at years end.  The remaining 2 PILOTs, Galesi and Supersteel, have 3 years and 8 years left on the contract respectively.   
--The Town Labor/Management and Safety and Health Committee met on May 31 to discuss numerous employee safety initiatives.  The Committee will be developing safety procedures and plans and identifying necessary training.  Emphasis is being placed on trench safety, slips, trips and falls (which is our number one safety hazard) and developing the Workplace Safety Plan.  The Committee has established a working group to examine employee benefits and identify creative ways to maintain (or improve) services while keeping employee costs down.  

--Several members of the Town participated in the project for the re-development of the Scotia-Glenville Industrial Park.  The project is being coordinated by Clough Harbor Associates (CHA) under a grant that was received.  Several sessions were conducted by CHA to obtain community input into ways to better market and improve the infrastructure of the park to attract and retain business.  CHAs report was previously distributed to the Board.      

--Operation Noble Response Exercise - Schenectady County Office of Emergency Management will conduct a full-scale exercise on September 15th, 2007 in Glenville in conjunction with Straton ANGB and the Town.  The exercise scenario is designed around a terrorist incident releasing chlorine gas which threatens the Base and surrounding community.  A pre-exercise table top discussion will be held on June 21 on the Base.     

--The Town now has access to Building 403 at the Industrial Park pursuant to the agreement that was recently signed with GSA.  Details for 24-hour access were worked out with local GSA representatives for the storage of seasonal highway equipment.  

--The PBA submitted a revised Union contract proposal for consideration by the Board.

--Representatives from the Town met with NYS Department of Transportation and Clough Harbor officials to review the status of the State project to widen Rt. 146 at the Railroad bridges and to construct a turnabout at the intersection of Maple Avenue and 146.  This project will result in improvements to traffic flow, drainage and provide the Town access to its Park.  The project is scheduled for start during the 2009 construction season according to State DOT.    

--At the request of the Supervisor, I attended the first of 4 public hearings to be held by the Governor’s Local Government Efficiency Commission (LGEC) across the state.  The LGEC is charged with examining consolidated services of government, school district and fire district operations.  According to testimony presented, the real savings in consolidating of government services lies with the regionalization of master planning and land use, unified economic development, tax base sharing, etc--which are considered the more macro type programs.  While their may be savings in consolidating services (highway, police, taxes, assessor, fire, etc) such savings are insignificant compared to a regionalized approach of the above topics.  The topic of the state mandated county compacts or empowering Counties to become more aggressive in developing land use and economic development opportunities was widely discussed.  The use of state grants to facilitate such action was recommended.  This Committee will conduct 3 additional public hearings across the state and submit recommendations accordingly.  
--The Comptroller prepared the May 2007 Monthly Financial Reports for Revenue and Expenditures.  For the most part the Town is on budget relative to revenues and expenditures.  The fund balance is running at about 12%.  All Department Heads have been asked to review the expenditures and fiscal needs to ensure we remain within budget appropriation levels.  
--Collection of mortgage and home refinance taxes are running behind budget projections and last year’s actual revenue.  For the month of April, the Town collected $62,366 in taxes compared to last April’s collection of $94,996, which represents a 34% reduction in revenue.  

--On May 26th the Times Union published an article on the distribution of sales tax revenue collected by the County from redevelopment projects within the County.  Of the $10 million collected by the County, the distribution of dollars is as follows: Rotterdam, $3,300,000, (estimated); Princetown, $77,840; Niskayuna, $739,786; Scotia, $290,045; Glenville, $737,315; Delanson, $13,900; and Duanesburg $197,688.  Glenville’s share of these redevelopment tax dollars is already appropriated within the budget.  This year’s tax amount for Glenville is about $15,000 more than appropriated.  The Town receives quarterly disbursements from the County for payment of this tax.  In addition, Glenville receives a percent of regular sales tax revenue from the County.  This year’s projection is for $1,722,698, which is paid monthly by the county.  Therefore, Glenville receives $2,446,860 annually in tax revenue from the County.  The last sizeable increase in Glenville’s share of tax revenue was in 2002.  At that time there was a 9% increase provided to the Town.  However, over the last 5 years, Glenville received a cumulative increase of approximately 2%.

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Report
(prepared by Richard LeClair, Commissioner of Public Works, presented by Mark Kestner)

1.      The relation of storm water to roads – the drainage system gutters, curbing, ditches, catch basins developing a storm drain.
2.      Owned by the town having jurisdiction over any and all types of disposal – sewage, industrial waste storm water or other wastes, flood control drainage districts that discharge into waters of the U.S. (clean water act)
3.      MS4 is mainly storm water management

Clean water act was introduced in 1972

Why storm water control?

        When it rains or snow melting it picks up NPS pollutions (non point source) which move over and through the ground and picks up pollutants, which then end up or better said depositing into streams, creeks, rivers, wet lands, costal water or even to under ground drinking water.

Pollutants include – excess fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, oil, toxic chemicals for urban run off, sediment from improperly managed construction sites causing eroding of stream banks, bacteria from live stock, pet waste, wildlife and failing septic systems and just your normal land base activities and atmospheric pollutants.


Promoting of Commercial Car (Vehicle Washing) – helps in control of storm water impacts (car washing facilities must catch sediment and treat water before discharging).

Promote O & M – cleaning of catch basins, collection offensive organic materials and pollutants

Promote Visual Inspection – storage facilities, transfer pipe lines, loading and unloading areas, pipes pump valve and fitting and any storage tank area, then the shipping of any container (spill preventive planning).

As a town we are now improving our:

1.      Public education and out reach of storm water impacts.
2.      Public involvement/participation.
3.      Illicit discharges detection and elimination.
4.      Construction site storm water run off.
5.      Post – Construction storm water management
6.      Pollution Prevention/Good housekeeping for municipal operation

At the end of our 30-day comment period, I have not received any but just to let you know that the Town of Glenville personnel follow regulations of MS4 very regimentally.  They do a thorough pre-construction inspection and visual, constantly visually checking water run off in daily travels, inspecting any and all work going on in the town.  Construction sites, development growth.  We will be doing more notification, knowing what the town has to improve in.

New Business

                Councilman Rosenberg – “On the Town Justice report I noticed that the total fines collected are still down but they are getting a little bit closer to where we were last year which I think was down from the year before that too.  Total fines collected through May 31st ’07 is $205,000 plus and the year before it was $225,000.

                If you look above on the report the V & T stuff is down from 1852 down to 1793 and so is the criminal stuff as well.  Less people making trouble in Town I guess.”

                Councilman Quinn – “Just a quick follow-up on our conversation at the work session last week as it pertains to the public safety training center, will we be inviting Mr. Hennessy from the Consortium to chat with us in the not to distance future?

                Supervisor Quinn – “Certainly”


Moved by:       Councilman Bailey
Seconded by:    Councilman Quinn

                BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board of the Town of Glenville hereby adjourns into Executive Session to discuss PBA Union Contract proposal.

Ayes:   Councilmen Rosenberg, Quinn, Bailey, Councilwoman DiGiandomenico and Supervisor Quinn
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstention:             None

Motion Carried

                Supervisor Quinn adjourned this portion of the meeting at 8:55 p.m. and entered into Executive Session to discuss the PBA Union Contract proposal.

                Time being 10:30 pm Supervisor Quinn reconvened the meeting.

                Motion to adjourn was moved by Councilman Rosenberg and Seconded by Councilman Bailey.

                The Town of Glenville Town Board Meeting was adjourned at 10:31 PM.


Linda C. Neals
Town Clerk