Town of Glenville
18 Glenridge Road, Glenville, NY 12302
ph: 518-688-1200
fx: 518-384-0140
Town Board Minutes 7/20/05
JULY 20, 2005

Present:        Supervisor Clarence W. Mosher, Councilmen, Peter V. Russo, Mark A. Quinn, Robert E. Bailey and James E. Denney

Absent: None

                Supervisor Mosher called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.  Supervisor Mosher gave the Invocation and David Wright, Chairman of the Park Planning Commission, was asked to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

                Supervisor Mosher asked the Town Clerk, Linda C. Neals, to call the roll.  Everyone was present and accounted for.

                Supervisor Mosher – “Item number 4 is a public hearing on the proposed extension to Sewer District #5.”

                Supervisor Mosher – “Attorney Mastro would you please explain the reason for this public hearing.”

                Attorney Mastro – “This is a public hearing that is required by the Town Law for the extension of a sewer district.  This particular extension is in Sewer District No. 5 and it is to serve a single parcel of land (4.5 acres).  The cost of the improvements will be about $5,000 or less and the entire cost will be borne by the property owner.

                The purpose of the public hearing is give anyone interested in commenting on it the opportunity to be heard.”

                Supervisor Mosher opened the public hearing at 7:33 p.m.

                No one wished to speak; Supervisor Mosher closed the public hearing at 7:34 pm.

Town Council Reports:

                Councilman Denney – “I just want the people in the audience to understand that Item No. 15 – is just setting a date for a public hearing to consider amendments to the Town Ordinance on Park Regulations/Sanders Preserve Hunting Policy, which will be conducted on August 17th and that we are not acting on anything this evening.”

                Councilman Quinn – “Just one report and that would be Traffic Safety Committee.  We have an ongoing series of discussions with Scotia-Glenville School District on approving signage and hopefully improving speed limitation within their parking lots at some of the schools as well as standardizing some of the speed limits in the western part of our town and adding some speed limit signs there as well.  As you know many of our rural roads are running into Saratoga County in some cases and although there is a speed limit sign in Saratoga County there’s no uniformity on our side of the border so we are going to take a look at that as well.”

                Councilman Bailey – “One note the recent state of storms has done extensive damage to some of our town roads.  I think Gower Road was perhaps the worst example with severe washout that has been very expensive to repair.

                Damage repair continues so we are still rolling up the cost associated with that.  I hope by the next meeting I can report what the total cost was to get us back in decent condition with our roads.”

                Supervisor Mosher – “I know that Andy Coppola is working with FEMA to get back as much money as we possibly can.”

                Supervisor Mosher asked Scotia Village Trustee Kastberg and Scotia Fire Chief Kasko to come forward to present the Fire Protection District #4’s quarterly report to the Town Board.

                Richard Kasko, Scotia Fire Chief – “I would like to present the quarterly report for the Scotia Fire Department, Fire Protection District No. 4 and the Corporate Industrial Parks.

                For emergency responses in the last quarter we’ve had four actual structure fires of significance.

                All of our apparatus and equipment is in service.  Our rapid response jet ski for water rescue and our rescue boat is on the river twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

                Under Special Operations in the last quarter we supported the Corporate Olympics for the canoe races we put our boat in Collins Lake for that.  The July 1st fireworks were cancelled, but like the other fire departments, police and DPW in the Town and in the Village we were very busy and responded to thirty-seven alarms of a variety of things from cellar pump-outs to sewer in a basement to car fires, car accidents, downed power lines and a possible suicide.

                We did provide fire protection and emergency medical services for the Canalfest.  That was a very enjoyable event.  We responded to some minor emergencies and I think everybody had a really good time and I am looking forward to it again next year.

                Our new furnace is on line that was accomplished in the last quarter and the new compressor for refilling self-contained breathing apparatus and diving bottles has been installed and it’s in operation.  Our cascade system for refilling oxygen bottles has been in installed.

                We reinstalled the workbench so we can work on tools and equipment.

                One thing of note our generator was in very poor repair and I worked with the County Emergency Manager to get a new generator for the facility.  A 12kw was spec’d by McDonald Engineering sometime back.  We were able to acquire a 15kw generator and the generator and installation is being covered by Homeland Defense money so there is no cost to taxpayers.

                Under training we have done a significant amount of training and it shows on the chart at the end of this report.  Captain Keller, Lieutenant Almy and Lieutenant Kinnally all went to, in a response to terrorists, a bombing school in New Mexico.  Lieutenant Almy received a perfect score on the test and we are very proud of him.  Volunteer firefighter Scott Briggs completed the NYS Firefighter One course and the department received training through the County Emergency Management Office for mass casualty incidents.

                We have a new Chaplin in the department.  His name is Jay Richmond, he is with the Baptist Church which is located right next to the fire station.  He is really interested in helping us and he has been responding to fires with us and it is a tremendous asset for the department for moral support for us to helping the homeowner/business owner deal with a crisis type of events.

                He is working with the community leaders to sponsor an event on September 11th in recognition of all of our emergency service providers, police, fire and EMS in the town.
                The committee is under way to explore the issue with the Corporate/Industrial Park and we are waiting for another meeting to be scheduled.

                We received a letter of appreciation from Waste Management Recycling Products, for a fire that we responded to there.  They had a very large roll off dumpster on fire that was full of computer equipment and had to be totally pulled apart with a backhoe and everything extinguished in it.

                I regularly attend the NYS Chief’s meetings and they bring guest speakers in and at the last meeting we talked about 207A issues.  Tuesdays meeting we had a speaker in on an arson investigation and they are always very productive in dealing with municipal type issues.

                I am really proud to report that Assistant Chief Nevins was recognized by the Rotary as “Scotia’s Citizen of the Year” and then he went on to Rotary’s District and was recognized as “District Citizen of the Year” for the Rotary and he was named a Paul Harris Fellow.  He contributes a lot to our community and a lot to the fire department.  He has been a volunteer in Scotia for many years.

                I attended the NYS Chiefs Conference in Syracuse.  The architectural firm has been selected for the Public Safety Training Facility.  It is going to be a star facility for Glenville and I am really looking forward to it as all the firefighters are.

                We submitted a couple of grants, one that is not in the report was submitted to FM Global Insurance for assistance with getting some equipment with arson and suspicious fire investigation and we just received word the other day that we got a $1,000 grant for that.  The Assistance to Firefighters Grant was submitted for $168,000 and that grant is covering protective clothing, self-contained breathing apparatus, special rescue equipment for rescuing firefighters in the event of an emergency and soot removal devices for the trucks to help keep the diesel smoke out of the fire station to improve the living conditions in the station.

                The Safer Grant was also submitted, this is the first year that it was funded and the Safer Grant has two main categories career firefighters and volunteer firefighters.  In the career firefighter category we just hired Firefighter Macherone in the last year and we are looking at getting some funding to support his position.  On the volunteer side of it you are looking at funding help recruitment and retention of volunteers.  In that grant we wrote into that grant we will be working with Beukendaal, Glenville Hill Fire Departments in that recruiting campaign.

                My appointment was provisional and I had to pass the NYS Civil Service Exam for Fire Chief and I did.

                Mutual Aid – I attended a public safety committee meeting.  We did a joint drill with W. Glenville Fire Department on a simulative church fire, we took our ladder truck up there and it was great.  Both departments really enjoyed it.

                We did the Airport Mutual Aid Meeting and the water task force back in May.

        (Chief Kasko explained the Call Tracking Form that was a part of the Quarterly Report)

                That brings us to the memo on revenue.  It is not revenue which is added to our budget, it is recovered revenue.  The first part of it is revenue recovered from training.  We have had a significant increase in training, I think that is the back bone of any agency and a lot of the classes that we are sending our people to we are able to recover revenue through Homeland Defense Money to pay for that training.  It covers overtime costs and all training costs for the firefighters that attend the training but it also covers the overtime costs incurred here at the fire station while they are gone.

                The new generator for fire/police is listed at an approximate value of $3,800 and of course a $1,000 one that we just found out about yesterday.

                On the last page it shows our overtime statistics to date.  There are four categories:  fire duty, training, special details and recall for sick or personal leave or other issues.”

        (Chief Kasko explained the overtime statistics)

                The Privilege of the Floor was opened at 7:30 p.m.
                The following people exercised the Privilege of the Floor.

                Ray Gawlas, 23 Concord St.      Schenectady County Conservation
                Ron Pucci                               1648 Gower Road
                Eleanor VanBellingham           793 Rector Road
                Richard Milewski                        1452 Washout Road

                No one else wished to speak; Supervisor Mosher closed the Privilege of the Floor.

Supervisor’s Comments:

                Supervisor Mosher – “I received the following e-mail and would like to share it with you.

                I am responsible for updating our client database and rely on information I find on municipal websites throughout the year.  Yours is one of the best that I’ve ever encountered.  I found exactly what I needed exactly where I expected to find it.
Thank you!


Moved by:       Councilman Quinn
Seconded by:    Councilman Bailey

                WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of Glenville at its April 21, 2004 meeting did approve the hiring of two Public Safety Dispatchers to fill vacancies that existed in our Communications Section; and
                WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of Glenville at its June 16, 2004 meeting did approve the hiring of one Public Safety Dispatcher to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of a dispatcher in our Communications Section; and;
                WHEREAS, an interview committee consisting of elected, police and fire officials did meet with the candidates, conducted interviews and made recommendations to the Chief of Police; and

                WHEREAS, the 2004 and 2005 Communications Budgets contain adequate funding for these positions,

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that this Town Board does hereby acknowledge the hiring of Brian Pomeroy of 8 Lynn Drive, Scotia, NY, effective July 5, 2004 and the hiring of Joanne C. Weaver of 215 N. Ten Broeck Street, Scotia, NY, effective July 19, 2004 from the Schenectady County Civil Service list of eligible candidates, and the hiring of James M. Majewski of 5 Snyder Lane, Alplaus, NY, as a Civil Service approved lateral transfer effective July 19, 2004, all as Public Safety Dispatchers to fill the approved vacancies; and

                BE IT FURTER RESOLVED that the compensation be as set forth in the C.S.E.A. Contract in place at these times for Town employees.

Ayes:           Councilmen Russo, Quinn, Bailey and Supervisor Mosher
Noes:           Councilman Denney
Absent: None
Abstention:             None

Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilman Bailey
Seconded by:    Councilman Denney

                WHEREAS, the Town of Glenville strives to maintain a workplace free of harassment and sensitive to the diversity of its employees, and therefore prohibits the use of computers, internet access and the email system in ways that are disruptive, offensive to others, or harmful to morale, and

                WHEREAS, an internet /computer workstation usage policy has been drafted to regulate use of town computers and the internet, and

                WHEREAS, the implementation of said document and the execution of the document by each and every employee will help to ensure the appropriate use of all computers, computer files, computer software, internet and email correspondence.

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Glenville wishes to adopt this Computer Systems Usage Policy, dated July 20th, 2005.

Ayes:           Councilmen Russo, Denney, Quinn, Bailey and Supervisor Mosher
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None
Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilman Russo
Seconded by:    Councilman Quinn

        WHEREAS, the Town of Glenville has experienced some changes in grants to the Police Department,

       NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Glenville Town Board authorizes the following budgetary transfer:

02.00.3120.2000 increased by $10,000 Equipment Purchase (Speed Trailer)

02.00.2770.0000 increased by $10,000 Equipment Purchase (Speed Trailer)

Ayes:           Councilmen Russo, Denney, Quinn, Bailey and Supervisor Mosher
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None
Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilman Denney
Seconded by:    Councilman Russo

        WHEREAS, the Town of Glenville has a Landfill/Enterprise Fund (06 on the General Ledger and EL on the Annual Financial Report to the Comptroller) that has no cash and no real prospect of any net cash infusion because the landfill is no longer in operation, and

        WHEREAS, while the town budgeted to expend $51,317 in debt service and $28,400 in monitoring expense in 2005 for the Landfill,

        NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Glenville Town Board authorizes the Landfill expenditures for the 2005 monitoring and debt service to be paid by the Town General Fund based on the following budgetary transfers:

(Town Wide General Expense)
01.00.8160.4000 increased by    $  3,000        Contractual
01.00.8160.4100 increased by    $  5,400        Supplies and Mat.
01.00.8160.4500 increased by    $20,000 Fees for Services
01.00.9710.6000 increased by    $29,000 Principal Payment
01.00.9710.7000 increased by    $22,317 Interest Payment
01.00.1990.4600 decreased by    $79,717 Contingency

(Landfill Proprietary Expense)
06.00.1994.4000 decreased by    $  3,000        Contractual
06.00.8160.4100 decreased by    $  5,400        Supplies and Mat.
06.00.8160.4500 decreased by    $20,000 Fees for Services
06.00.9730.6000 decreased by    $29,000 Principal Payment
06.00.9730.7000 decreased by    $22,317 Interest Payment

06.00.2130.0000 decreased by    $2,150  Refuse and Garbage
Offset decrease appropriated fund balance by $77,567

Ayes:           Councilmen Russo, Denney, Quinn, Bailey and Supervisor Mosher
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None

Motion Carried

                George Phillips, Comptroller – “The town has a landfill which is now effectively closed down and doesn’t have a revenue source to deal with the ongoing monitoring costs.  As an operational methodology to address it on an annual basis I budget contingency to then create a due to/due from to a landfill enterprise fund from the town general fund.

                In order to address the fact that there really is no fund at landfill to replenish that we are essentially explicitly moving the contingency which is not using fund balance but using the actual expenditure that is earmarked for this activity to a specifically highlighted for landfill testing and then on the landfill fund, which is the 06 fund on this resolution, we are removing all those expenditure lines as being available to expend on and in this instance we’re de-appropriating fund balance that wasn’t there for that proprietary fund.

                So we are not using any general fund balance we are in effect recognizing that there wasn’t any fund balance for landfill.  We are moving one small revenue item to town general because that is more appropriate to where permits for refuse removal would be appropriately charged.”


Moved by:       Councilman Bailey
Seconded by:    Councilman Denney

                WHEREAS, the Water User Fee Roll of the Town of Glenville, Water District No. 11 has been approved for collection as of June 2005, in the amount of $1,715,630.68 and

                WHEREAS, since that date, due to clerical error, adjustments are required in order to bring the warrant up to date,

                BE IT STILL FURTHER RESOLVED that the corrected warrant for Water District #11 is. $1,693,687.81

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the following customers billing be adjusted:

Account #
Bill Id:  was changed.  Amount was $711.48 and was changed to $68.68
$              (642.80)
Computer calculated cubic feet instead of gallons, this changed the bill total.  From $711.48 to $68.68
$     1,714,987.88
Bill Id:  was changed. Amount was $144.65 and changed to $74.15
$               (70.50)
Computer did not advance consumption by 30,000 gallons for 2004 billing. Previous reading was incorrect.  From $144.65 to $74.15
$     1,714,917.38
Bill Id:  was changed. Amount was $130.00 changed to $41.41
$               (90.00)
Added sewer charge to an account that is not in the sewer district.  This account shares the same address as a property in the sewer district.  This property has no front footage on Saratoga Road.  Removed sewer charge from the bill.  From $130.00 to $40.00
$     1,714,827.38
Bill Id: was changed. Amount was $299.91, and changed to $40.00
$               (258.50)
Meter was read incorrectly by the homeowner, found meter had stopped when reading was checked.  Corrected reading and recalculated bill and changed water meter.  From $299.91 to $41.41
$     1,714,568.88
Bill Id: was changed. Amount was $432.73 and changed to $362.23
$               (70.50)
Clerical error in entering reading.  Should have been 111940, I entered 141940, homeowner kept a copy of the card that was sent in.  Corrected reading and recalculated bill.  From $432.73 to $362.23
$     1,714,498.30
Bill Id: was changed. Amount was $20,874.70 and  changed to $40.00
$         (20,834.70)
Clerical error in entering reading.  Water meter had been removed due to the property being unoccupied and pipes had frozen.  I did not catch the 8 million gallon reading until a request by the new property owner to install a new meter.  From $20,874.40 to $40.00
$     1,693,663.68
Bill Id: was changed. Amount was $40.00and changed to $64.13
$               24.13
The check amount was more than the amount on the bill.  Changed the amount on the bill to match the check for proper payment.  Homeowner returned the call upon coming home from vacation, payment had already been processed.
From $40.00 to $64.13                                                                                                                                                                                  TOTAL
$     1,693,687.81

Ayes:           Councilmen Russo, Denney, Quinn, Bailey and Supervisor Mosher
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstention:             None

Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilman Bailey
Seconded by:    Councilman Denney

                WHEREAS, in order to provide for needed maintenance and assist in the daily operations of the Town of Glenville Highway Department the replacement of one pickup truck is needed; and

                WHEREAS, the Superintendent of Highways request that one 1988 Chevy 4x4 1 Ton Pickup be declared surplus due to its failure to pass inspection as a result of a rotted frame; and

                WHEREAS, the Superintendent of Highways requests the purchase of one 2006 4x2 Pickup from state contract; and

                WHEREAS, said purchase is a budgeted item;

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town Board of the Town of Glenville hereby declares one 1988 Chevy 4x4 1 Ton Pickup Vin 1GTGK34K9JE531160 and authorizes the Superintendent of Highways to sell said vehicle for market value or best offer price; and

               BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Superintendent of Highways is hereby authorized to purchase one 2006 4x2 Pickup at a sum not to exceed $16,500 and that funding for such purchase to be from Highway Fund, Equipment 04.00.5130.2000.

Ayes:           Councilmen Russo, Denney, Quinn, Bailey and Supervisor Mosher
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstention:             None

Motion Carried


Moved by:       Councilman Denney
Seconded by:    Councilman Quinn

                WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of Glenville adopted an ordinance providing for rules and regulations for the park lands in the Town of Glenville on November 6, 1996 (Chapter 26 of the Code); and

                WHEREAS, Section 26-6 (Firearms; hunting permits) allows hunting in the Sanders Preserve,

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that, pursuant to Section 130 of the Town Law of the State of New York, a public hearing on the proposed amendments to the ordinance on Park Regulations in the Town of Glenville Section 26-6 allowing hunting in the Sanders Preserve, be held on the 17th day of August, 2005 at 7:30 p.m., or as soon thereafter as can be reached on that day at the Glenville Municipal Center, 18 Glenridge Road, Glenville, New York; and

                BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a notice of the time and place of this public hearing, describing in general terms the proposed amendments to the ordinance, be published once at least ten days prior to the public hearing in the Daily Gazette.

Ayes:           Councilmen Russo, Denney, Quinn, Bailey and Supervisor Mosher
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstention:             None

Motion Carried

                Councilman Denney – “This is merely just a resolution to schedule a public hearing.  Our practice is typically to act, at the earliest, the meeting following which would be action in September so we will have ample time to consider folks comments that are made at the public hearing.

                The only thing that I would like to take the opportunity to point out based on the comments that we heard tonight.  A lot of people were saying “what’s the reason?” I guess I can’t answer that in tonight’s meeting, other folks can do that.  I think everybody needs to just take a look at what the proposal is some of it I am sure is controversial, but there is a lot of it that is important that isn’t controversial and that’s just communications.  It is no different than putting a sign out that dosen’t sound like that was controversial when that happened.  Having people sign in and out, I don’t think should be anything that is terribly controversial.  It gives people who are hunting the ability to know who else is there that are hikers or whatever other activities their involved in.  It gives a hiker or somebody who is going to engage in some other activity other than hunting the opportunity to know that a hunter might be in a certain section in the Preserve.  They may choose to not enter into a certain area or just go to another park within the town.

                So I think that aspect of it everybody should be able to rally behind which is why it is important we keep the ball moving here, but any comments as to the specifics of the entire policy I think the entire board is opened minded to and we’d encourage you to come back to the hearing next month or if you are not able to attend submit some written comments or you can contact anyone of us by phone.”

                Councilman Bailey – “I second that.  This is a situation where we really want to know what the residents would like to see.  There is no right or wrong answer here.  Whatever we do somebody is going to be unhappy, somebody will be happy.  We need to hear all of those comments.”

                Attorney Mastro, Jr. – “To answer some of the questions most directly the reason that the public hearing is being scheduled and changes are being considered is that the topics have been under discussion by the Park Planning Commission for several years.

                This is their recommendation to the Town Board before the board does anything we are going to hold a public hearing.

                So, this is on recommendation from the Park Planning Commission that is what brings this to this board.”


Moved by:       Councilman Denney
Seconded by:    Councilman Bailey

                WHEREAS, a zoning map amendment application has been submitted by New York Development Group, LLC, to change the zoning of Glenridge Road, end of Wilson Drive and Lincoln Drive; Tax Map ID: 22.-1-24, 22.-1-8.1 and 22.15-3-28; and

                WHEREAS, the applicant is proposing to rezone these three parcels from Suburban Residential and Rural Residential/Agriculture to General Business; and

                WHEREAS, prior to the Town Board acting on a zoning amendment application, the Board must hold a public hearing,

                NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Glenville Town Board hereby schedules a public hearing for Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 7:30 p.m., or as shortly thereafter as possible, at the Town of Glenville Municipal Center, to consider comments on the proposed rezoning application by the New York Development Group, LLC.

Ayes:           Councilmen Russo, Denney, Quinn, Bailey and Supervisor Mosher
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstention:             None

Motion Carried

                Motion to adjourn was moved by Councilman Denney and Seconded by Councilman Bailey.

                The Town of Glenville Town Board Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.


Linda C. Neals
Town Clerk