Town of Glenville
18 Glenridge Road, Glenville, NY 12302
ph: 518-688-1200
fx: 518-384-0140
Town Board Agenda 8/17/05
                                                TOWN BOARD MEETING                
               TOWN OF GLENVILLE                        
               18 GLENRIDGE ROAD                          
                AUGUST 17, 2005                   
                                                            7:30 P.M.                             

1.      Invocation

2.      Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

3.      Roll Call

4.      Town Council Reports

5.      Public Hearing at 7:30 pm or as soon thereafter as can be reached to hear all interested parties or citizens for or against the adoption of the proposed amendments to the ordinance on Park Regulations in the Town of Glenville allowing hunting in the Sanders Preserve.

6.      Privilege of the Floor

7.      Supervisor’s Comments to the Board

8.      Resolution approving that the salary of the Deputy Chief of Police be increased by $1,190 commencing September 1, 2005 and ending December 31, 2005. (General Municipal Law 207-m).

9.      Resolution authorizing the Chief of Police to conduct interviews with prospective candidates from the Schenectady County Civil Service list or as a lateral transfer for the position of Police Officer with an appointment date no later than the start of the Basic Academy in January 2006.

10.     Resolution authorizing the Chief of Police to conduct interviews and appoint a successful candidate to the position of Public Safety Dispatcher.

11.     Resolution establishing Extension No. 2 to Sewer District No. 5 as requested by the petition of Degraff Bloom Custom Builders, Inc.

12.     Resolution setting forth a time and date to hold a public hearing on the petition to establish an extension to Sewer District No. 9.

13.     Resolution authorizing the Supervisor to sign the Hold Harmless Agreement between the Thomas Corners Volunteer Fire Department and the Town of Glenville.

14.     Resolution authorizing the Supervisor to sign an intermunicipal agreement with Schenectady County for archeological services at a cost up to $15,000 allocated from Subdivision Recreation Fee Fund (03.00.7110.4500).

15.     Resolution approving the Monthly Departmental Reports of June & July 2005.

16.     Resolution approving the Town Board Minutes of June 15, 2005.

17.     Resolution approving the Town Board Minutes of July 20, 2005.

18.     New Business