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Town Board Agenda 6/29/05

Town of Glenville
Town Board
Work Session

June 29th, 2005

1. Code Book Review – Linda Neals(90min)
Applications Process
1.      Concerns about incomplete or poorly prepared planning/zoning applications.

2.      Departmental review and interdepartmental coordination in the review of planning/zoning applications.

3.      Development of marginal land, the loss of open space and the “creeping” of development into rural western Glenville.

4.      Assessment of engineering review fees; how to reasonably determine the fee / logistics of billing and payment / do we issue refunds for unused fees?

5.      How to address re-subdivision after parcels have been combined by landowners?

6.      Approved site plans and subdivisions with sidewalks; issues regarding installation, maintenance and snow removal.