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Glenville Wellfield Protection Committee
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To identify potential threats to the Town of Glenville Water Suipply and to develop strategies and programs that can be applied to minimize or eliminate these threats.

The Glenville Wellfield Protection Committee per Town Board resolution January 4, 2012, consists of the following seven members:

Carl George, Chairman
Phil Adams
John Garver
Sarah Newell
Jason Pelton
Jacqueline Smith
Cal Welch

Gina Wierzbowski, Town Board Liaison

Committee Staff:
Kevin Corcoran
Thomas Coppola
James MacFarland

Members serve one-year terms; current member terms expiring December 31, 2012.
The Committee meets on the third Wednesday of the month (previously Mondays), excepting holidays, which will be rescheduled and announced on the Town calendar.  Meetings are at the Municipal Center and begin at 3:30 p.m.



Phil Adams, Chairman
Carl George
Jason Pelton
Jacqueline Smith
Cal Welch
Steve Hammond

John Pytlovany, Town Board Liaison

Staff & Others:

Kevin Corcoran
Tom Coppola
James MacFarland
Roger Harrison
Mark L. Kestner