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Economic Development

Sponsored by:   Christopher A. Koetzle, Town Councilman
Submitted by:   Eric Dickson, Town Attorney


Moved by:       Councilman Koetzle
Seconded by:    Councilman Quinn

WHEREAS, the Town of Glenville remains committed to enhance economic vitality of small business and community interests by:
        --Working with commercial interests to develop ways to attract small businesses to Glenville;
--Creating a marketing plan designed to attract area and national businesses, new residents and funding sources;  
--Developing community-related events designed to increase business activity within the commercial corridor to encourage community participation in local business establishments;   
        --Assist with the development of a “town center” that would provide residents an opportunity to come together in one place and enjoy a common experience that would benefit economic development;
--Work with current small businesses on retention and recruitment of other small businesses into Glenville by creating a Small Business Mentoring Program.
--Streamline the town’s economic development policies and practices to enhance a “business friendly” environment and simplify the economic development process;
--Coordinate with Metroplex and other funding agencies to encourage more economic development investments into Glenville;
--Explore the beautification of the commercial corridors and town/village gateways.
--Market and attract new residents to Glenville and specifically those who are coming to the area for employment opportunities;
--Work with the Town Board’s parks liaison and respective staff to integrate the parks master plan into our towns economic develop initiatives.      

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Glenville Town Board hereby Create a Small Business and Economic Development Advisory Committee consisting of 7 members each serving a 2-year term at the pleasure of the Town Board and without compensation.  The Committee, which will be supported by Town staff members and resources as appointed by the Town Administrator, will annually elect Chairperson(s), meet as necessary to fulfill its responsibility and will provide at a minimum quarterly reports to the Town Board on the status of its progress and findings.

Ayes:   Councilmen Koetzle, Quinn, Rosenberg, Councilwoman DiGiandomenico and Supervisor Quinn
Noes:           None
Absent: None
Abstentions:            None

Motion Carried

Town Board decision on January 16, 2008

2012 SBED Draft Strategic Plan

SBED 2012 Draft Strategic Plan.pdf