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Sign Regulation Summary
Sign regulation amendments adopted Feb. 20, 2013


Summary of most significant proposed amendments to the
Town of Glenville sign regulations

  • Add definitions for “Glenville Business and Technology Park,” “LED sign,” and “Sandwich board/sidewalk sign,” and modify the definition of “Temporary sign.”
  • Add LED sign as a permitted sign, but limit LED signs to Community Business, General Business, and Research/Development/Technology zoning districts.  However, LED signs will not be permitted within the Town Center Overlay zoning district.
  • Implement regulations specific to the configuration, location, and operation of LED signs.
  • Add regulations for the placement and configuration of sandwich board signs.
  • Add regulations for the placement and configuration of mobile/off-premises signs.
  • Add regulations for the placement of civic, religious, educational and non-profit event signs.
  • Eliminate the requirement that shopping center signs must be of the pole/pylon type only.  Monument signs will now be allowed for shopping centers.
  • Eliminate the prohibition on plastic signs, but note that preference is given to wood, simulated wood, stone, brick and composite signs.
  • Eliminate the prohibition on internally lit signs.  Signs will now be able to be internally lit, back lit, direct lit, etc.
  • Correct conflicting provisions, typically related to sign setbacks.