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Rexford Bridge Constuction Update - September 12, 2016
Rexford Bridge Construction Update – September 12, 2016



A new traffic pattern is tentatively planned to go into effect for the Rexford Bridge project next weekend, Saturday, September 17. The traffic signal on Route 146/Balltown Road at Aqueduct Road and Williams Street will be replaced with a one-lane roundabout. When the new four-lane Rexford Bridge opens in 2017, the roundabout will be restriped to have two travel lanes. For now, however, barrels will be in place to restrict vehicles to one lane through the roundabout because the existing Rexford Bridge only has two travel lanes, one in each direction. Motorists are advised to exercise caution and pay attention to posted signs while driving through the roundabout as they adjust to the new traffic pattern.

 Roadway work:

North of the bridge, the construction crew began reconstruction of a small streambed that runs along the west side of Route 146 to the Mohawk River and placed a new concrete gutter along the east side of Route 146. Throughout the project area utilities were relocated and drainage structure and pipes were installed. Excavation for widening on both the east and west sides of Route 146, north of the bridge, is underway to allow for the installation of new culverts under the road and new pavement for the multi-use path. Despite the dry weather, new grass has taken root on the steep slope – a sign that construction of that part of the project is nearing the end.

Bridge Work:

Great progress has been made building the three Mohawk River piers and two on- land abutments that will support the bridge. Both the south and north bridge abutments have been completed. The cofferdams for all three river piers have been installed.   The inside of the Pier 1 (southern pier) cofferdam is being excavated down to bedrock.   At Pier 2 (middle pier), the concrete footing has been placed and rebar and forms are being installed for the concrete pier stem.   The Installation of drilled shaft foundations for Pier 3 (northern pier) is underway.

Upcoming work:

In the next few weeks the construction crews will:

Continue installation of drainage structures and pipes.
Install additional curb and sidewalk.
Continue work on all three piers in the river.
Pave base course asphalt on widened section of Route 146 north of the bridge
Eliminate the signal and open the Roundabout at Balltown and Aqueduct. The roundabout will be temporarily one-lane until the bridge is complete next summer.