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Local Law No. 7-2010 re: Animals/dogs
LOCAL LAW NO. 7 - 2010


                Be it enacted by the Town Board of the Town of Glenville as follows:

Section 1.      Sections 88-3, 88-7, and 88-9 of Chapter 88  and section 195-23 of the Code of the Town of Glenville are hereby amended, in applicable part, to read as follows:
        CHAPTER 88 – ANIMALS
        ARTICLE I       Dog Control
        §88-3   Enforcement
        A Dog Control Officer, to be designated by the Town Board as provided by §113 of the Agriculture and Markets Law, may enforce the provisions of this article and the provisions of Chapter 195, §§195-14 A.(11), 195-17 and 195-23 A.(6) which set forth general rules and regulations for the government and protection of park lands in the Town of Glenville, as said sections pertain to dogs, and may investigate and report to a Town Justice of the Town of Glenville any dangerous dog as described in §123 of the Agriculture and Markets Law, and see that the order or orders of the Town Justice in such cases are carried out.

        §88-7   Seizure of dogs, redemption of dogs, and  impound fees.
  • Any Dog Control Officer may seize any dog in the Town of Glenville:
  • Which is unlicensed or untagged, in violation of §§ 109 and/or 111 of the Agriculture and Markets Law.
  • Which is not leashed or under the control of its owner, in violation of § 88-1 A.(1) of this Article or § 195-17 of Article 195 of this Code.
  • Any dog seized pursuant to subsection A of this section shall be impounded, fed, cared for or disposed of as provided in § 117 of the Agriculture and Markets Law.
  • The owner of any dog impounded by the Town of Glenville shall be entitled to redeem that dog within five (5) business days, excluding the day the dog is impounded, provided that the owner produces proof that the dog is licensed and can be identified as the dog licensed to the owner and pays a fee of $25 for the first impoundment; $50 for the second impoundment; and $75 for a third or subsequent impoundment within twelve (12) months of the first impoundment. In addition to the impoundment fee an additional fee of $3.00 for each twenty-four hour period of impoundment shall apply in all cases.
        §88-9. Licensing required, license fees and surcharges established.
        A.      Dogs requiring licensing. All dogs within the Town of Glenville four (4) months of age or older, unless otherwise exempted, shall be licensed.
        B.      License application requirements. The owner of each dog required to be licensed shall obtain, complete and return to the Town Clerk a dog license application. With the application, the dog owner shall submit to the Town Clerk the license application fee, any applicable license surcharges and such additional fees as may be established by the Town of Glenville. In addition, each license application must be accompanied by proof that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies or a statement from a licensed veterinarian that such vaccination would endanger the dog’s life, in which case, vaccination would not be required.
        C.      Term of licenses. Each license issued shall be valid for a period of one year and will expire on the last date of the month of the year following the date of issue, except that no license shall be issued for a period expiring after the last day of the eleventh month following the expiration date of the current rabies certificate for the dog being licensed. Licenses shall not be transferrable. Renewals of licenses shall also be for a period of one year.
        D.      Late penalty. License applications or renewals not made and completed within 30 days of the due date shall incur a penalty of $5.00 in addition to the applicable fees and surcharges.
        E.      License fees. The Town of Glenville hereby establishes the fee for a dog license issued pursuant to this law at twelve dollars and fifty cents ($12.50) for a spayed or neutered dog and seventeen dollars and fifty cents ($17.50) for an unspayed or unneutered dog. Applicants for a dog license, each of whom is 65 years of age or older, shall pay a reduced fee of five dollars ($5.00) for a spayed or neutered dog and seven dollars, fifty cents ($7.50) for an unspayed or unneutered dog. The Town of Glenville will not provide special purebred or kennel license fees.
        F.      Exemptions from license fees. Exempted from payment of the license fee are applications submitted for a dog license for any guide, hearing, service, war, working search, detection, police and therapy dogs as same are defined in section 108 of the Agriculture and Markets Law.
        G.      Surcharge for Animal Population Control. Each applicant for a dog license, including those exempt from license fees under the provisions of paragraph F above, shall pay a surcharge of $1.00 if the dog to be licensed is spayed or neutered, or a surcharge of $3.00 if the dog to be licensed is not spayed or neutered.
        H.      Change of ownership – notice required. In the event of a change in ownership of any dog which has been licensed pursuant to this article or in the address of the record owner of any such dog, the owner of record shall, within ten (10) days of such change, file with the Town Clerk a written report of such change. Such owner of record shall be liable for any violation of this chapter until such filing is made or until the dog is licensed in the name of the new owner.
        I.      In the case of a dog’s death, the owner of record shall notify the Town Clerk either prior to the renewal of license or upon the time of such renewal.
        J.      In the event that an owner loses the original dog license tag, a replacement tag may be obtained from the Town Clerk upon payment of a three dollar ($3.00) fee.
        ARTICLE II      Park Regulations
§ 195-23        Permits
  • A permit will be required in each of the following circumstances:
(6)     Use of the Town Dog Park.

Section 2.      Effective Date

        This Local Law shall take effect January 1, 2011.