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Planning & Zoning Comm Agenda Revised 8/1/13
Planning and Zoning Commission
August 12, 2013
(Revised – Added Item #5)
7:00 p.m.

1.  Approval of the minutes of the July 8, 2013 meeting

2.  Montessori School of Schenectady                                                    Site Plan Review
    375 Saratoga Road                   Final (Public Hearing)
The Montessori School is proposing to establish a daycare center in the rear portion of the Lewis Place building.  The proposal also includes a reduction in existing parking from 35 spaces to 27 spaces.  The property is zoned Professional/Residential.

3.  McDonald’s USA, LLC                                                         Site Plan Review
    237 Saratoga Road                   Final (Public Hearing)
This proposal calls for the redesign of the existing drive-thru, including the installation of a second order board.  The existing parking lot will be reduced from 42 spaces to 29 spaces to accommodate the drive thru reconfiguration.  McDonald’s is located in the General Business and Town Center Overlay zoning districts.     

4.  Garner Builders, LLC                                                        Site Plan Review
    124 Saratoga Road                   (Preliminary)
Garner Builders is seeking site plan approval for a recent expansion of their parking lot at the rear of their property.  Several area variances will be required to accommodate the expansion.  The project site is zoned Community Business.  

5.  Town of Glenville                           Zoning Map Amendment
    437 and 441 Saratoga Road  Recommendation to the
                                                                                                       Town Board

This item involves a revisit on a zoning map amendment proposal that would change the zoning of the former “Glenville Weekly” building on the Hewitt property, as well as the Getty gas station property, from Community Business to General Business.  This proposal also involves the reconfiguration of Hewitt properties in order to present just one of the Hewitt properties for rezoning.  The Town is reluctant to rezone all of the Hewitt properties to General Business, given the proximity of residents.