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Planning & Zoning Comm Agenda 9/13/10 REV 9/8/10
Planning and Zoning Commission
Meeting Agenda
September 13, 2010
7:00 p.m.

REVISED 9/8/10; Item #10, Chris Myers, Maple Ave. has been added
1.   Approval of the minutes of the August 9, 2010 meeting

2.  Morris Strauss                                                              Site Plan Review
     19 Glenridge Road                                                  Final (Public Hearing)
The applicant is seeking Site Plan approval to construct a 4,992 square foot retail/office building at the existing Towne Center Plaza. The property is located on the north side of Glenridge Road, opposite the Glenville branch of the Schenectady County Library. This parcel is zoned General Business and is within the Town Center Overlay district.

3.  Richard J. DiCresce, Jr.                                                    Site Plan Review
    178 Freemans Bridge Road                                           and Conditional Use Permit
                                                                                Final (Public Hearing)

This application calls for the construction of a 40’ x 60’ pole barn structure which would be used for automobile inspections.  The property is located on the east side of Freemans Bridge Road, opposite Oliver’s Café.  The property is zoned General Business.  

4.  Thomas J. Pai                                                               Site Plan Review
     126 Saratoga Road                                                         Final (Public Hearing)

The applicant is asking to expand two parking areas; one in the front yard of the existing professional building and the other in the rear yard.  Several variances were granted for this proposal.  The property, located on the southeast corner of Route 50 and Rudy Chase Drive, is zoned Community Business.

5.  Baptist Health                                                              Site Plan Review and
     7 Swaggertown Road                                                 Minor (two-lot) Subdivision

Baptist is proposing to construct the first phase of their five-phase, multi-year project.  The first phase includes a 67-unit, 72-bed assisted living nursing facility.  The two-lot subdivision would separate out an 8.87-acre building lot from the 48-acre parcel for the assisted living building.  Phase 1 also includes parking, infrastructure, the boulevard entrance road and a storm water basin designed to accommodate this phase.  The property is zoned Mixed Use Planned Development.

6.  Shaun M. Cole                                                               Minor (2-lot) Subdivision
     218 Droms Road                                                             Preliminary
This proposed subdivision would create a 1.12 +/- acre residential building lot from the existing 32 acre parent parcel.  The property is located on the west side of Droms Road, just south of Onderdonk Road.  The property is zoned Suburban Residential.

 7.     Thomas Pai                                                                      Minor (4-lot) Subdivision
     3 Snake Hill Road                                                                 (Preliminary)

This proposal calls for the subdivision of a 14.39-acre parcel into four (4) residential building lots.  This proposal has been reconfigured to eliminate the need for any area variances.  The property is located within a Rural Residential/Agricultural zoning district.

8.      Estate of Laura M. Gower                                                Minor (3-lot) Subdivision
     58 Bruce Drive                                                            (Preliminary)

The applicant is seeking to create three (3) lots from the 10.92 +/- acre parent parcel. All lots have access to public water and sanitary sewer. The property is zoned Suburban Residential.

9.      Town of Glenville                                                       Christiana Property Development     
16 Onderdonk Road                                                       Plan – SEQRA Recommendation
                                                                                        to the Town Board

This item involves adoption of a development plan for two town-owned parcels, formerly owned by Jeffrey Christiana.  The plan for these 48 acres includes the establishment of a pull-off “eyebrow” parking lot for five cars on Onderdonk Road and the creation of 3,760 feet of hiking trails.

10.      Chris Myers                                                            Site Plan Review -                
         Maple Avenue                                                                   Request for an Extension
                                                                                                on the Site Plan Approval

The applicant is requesting a two-year extension for initiating construction on the approved Yates Farm Townhouses project.