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Planning & Zoning Comm Agenda 12/14/2009
Planning and Zoning Commission
Meeting Agenda
December 14, 2009
7:00 p.m.

1.   Approval of the minutes of the November 9, 2009 meeting

2.  Roland J. Down, LLC                                                 Site Plan Review
    13 Airport Road                                                            Final (Public Hearing)

This proposal involves the conversion of an existing 6,392 sq. ft. warehouse into office space, wholesale space and warehouse space.  The renovated building will be leased to RE Michel, a plumbing supply/wholesale operation.  The property is zoned General Business.  

3.  Maddalone Development                                       Major (8-lot) Subdivision
    Woodruff Drive & Judy Drive                                Final (Public Hearing –
                                                                                        continued from December,

“Park Ridge Estates” is a major subdivision proposal of a 10.18 +/- acre parcel at the end of Woodruff Drive and Judy Drive. The proposal consists of 8 new single-family residential building lots and a stormwater detention basin parcel to be dedicated to the Town.  Public water would be extended from Woodruff Drive and all lots would have on-site septic systems. The parcel is located within a Suburban Residential zoning district.  

4.  Joseph Donzelli                                             Minor (2-lot) Subdivision
9 Snyder Lane                                                   Combined Preliminary and Final – (Public Hearing)

The proposed subdivision would divide an existing 23,909 +/- square foot parcel into two lots. The existing house and improvements would remain on a proposed 11,992+/- square foot parcel, while the remaining 11,917 +/- square foot parcel would be used as a building lot for a new single-family residence. The property is located within a Suburban Residential zoning district with access to public sanitary sewer.  Area variances have been granted for insufficient lot size and lot depth for both of the proposed lots.

5.  Mohawk Honda                                                                Site Plan Review
    175 Freemans Bridge Road                                                   (Preliminary) and
                                                                                       Conditional Use Permit

This proposal involves the renovation and expansion of the former Salisbury Chevrolet building.  Renovations include a new showroom and car wash area as well as additional parking and landscaping.  The property is zoned General Business.

6.  Thomas J. Pai                                                               Site Plan Review
     126 Saratoga Road                                                         (Preliminary)

The applicant is requesting approval to expand two parking areas, one located in the front yard of the existing professional building and the other located in the rear yard.  Several variances would be required to accommodate this proposal, including insufficient green space, inadequate setback for the expanded parking in the front, rear and side yards and lack of landscape islands.

7.  Town of Glenville                           Zoning Ordinance Amendments
Recommendation to the Town Board

The Town of Glenville is proposing to amend the Zoning Ordinance so as to add “Acupuncturist” as a permitted home occupation and to add “Laundromat” to the list of permitted personal service uses.