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Environmental Conservation Agenda 1/26/09
Glenville Environmental Conservation Commission
Agenda - January 26, 2009 - 7:00 p.m.

1.      Approval of the minutes of the December 22, 2008 meeting.
2.      Approval of the agenda
3.      SEQRA items:
A. Donald R. Barnes & Keira L. Scott                                Minor (2-lot) Subdivision
    70 & 72 Scotch Bush Road                                                           PZC Lead Agency

This subdivision application would divide an existing 1.12+/- acre parcel into two lots each containing an existing home. The parcel is located on the east side of Scotch Bush Road, approximately 670 feet north of the intersection with Lake Hill Road. Several area variances are also requested for insufficient frontage and side yard setbacks. The property is located within a Suburban Residential zoning district.

B. Town of Glenville                                                        Maalwyck Park Improvement Project
    Maalwyck Park Road & NYS Route 5 (Amsterdam Road)             Town Board Lead Agency

The Town of Glenville is proposing to add parking, secondary vehicular access, a picnic pavilion, and car-top boat launch within Maalwyck Park. In addition to the site improvements, Glenville Water District 11 and Sanitary Sewer District 2 will be extended to accommodate public water and sanitary sewer installation within the park. Maalwyck Park is zoned Public Park Lands.

4.      Correspondence
5.       Reports of GECC Members